The airport terminal is an area of interconnection between ground and air transportation modes. The terminal building comprises public areas for passenger circulation, services, and waiting rooms with seats and chairs, airline ticket counters, baggage check-in, flight information display system. Public circulation areas include stairways, escalators, elevators, and travelators. The baggage facility is a nonpublic area for sorting and processing baggage for departing flights and transfer. In the concourse are installed the equipment for security inspection check for passenger, baggage inspection and controlling public access to parked aircraft, airline operational areas for airline personnel and servicing activities related to aircraft.


CS France is conceiving and producing architectural construction solutions for the exterior and interior finishing works in the buildings.
DAIA deliver a scalable and resilient data plaform with up to date technology in order to process your data efficiently. In a few years, most companies will use data to take better decisions. They will simply become data-driven.
PcVue France is a global player in monitoring software for the Power, industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure sectors.
From check-in to boarding, IER designs solutions to help airlines, airports and ground handlers face air transportation challenges today. Passenger CUSS Check-in and boarding.
TG concept assists airports in the study, design and installation of baggage sorting systems and hand baggage screening
Bodet is a long-established name in synchronisation and time display in the transport sector, including airports. Its know-how is recognised internationally, thanks to the quality and reliability of its products.
Dassault Systèmes est leader de l'innovation durable. Nous proposons à nos clients des univers virtuels au sein desquels ils peuvent créer des expériences innovantes pour leurs propres clients.
Founded in 1994 by a group of professionals with a wide range of experience in the airport sector, ALPHA-AIRPORT initially specialised in airport lighting and power distribution, differentiating itself from other active manufacturers in these sectors by its ability to compose multi-source systems perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each of its customers.
Airport Passenger Processing and Security