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Alpha Airport


From airport equipment assembly to airfield lighting system design and installation, ALPHA-AIRPORT is a leading integrator in the airport system industry.

ALPHA-AIRPORT provides a complete technical solution to your needs. Our range of services encompasses all necessary steps throughout the project management process, from its design to its implementation: technical studies, supplies, logistics, installation and supervision, set-up, training as well as After Sale Support.

Our teams have gained a solid reputation for their ability to intervene very swiftly on the spot, even in airports located thousands of miles from France, as well as isolated ones.

ALPHA-AIRPORT has been awarded the 2000 version of ISO9000 certification.

Numerous airports have granted us their trust, in France as well as abroad.


ALPHA-AIRPORT relies on a team of qualified airport equipment specialists and provides a wide scope of services for each of its technical fields (airfield lighting, terminal equiment, mobile systems), that includes:

Airport Products and Systems Supply

From the smallest spare part to the most elaborate integrated systems, ALPHA-AIRPORT is always on the look-out for the most reliable products that best meet your operational and maintenance needs.

ALPHA-AIRPORT works hand in hand with industrial partners that have been selected according to our standards of quality and competitiveness.

We have a complete understanding of our suppliers' products that we sell under our brand, ALPHA-AIRPORT.

Complete and Ready-To-Use Systems

ALPHA-AIRPORT is able to design and commission complete airport systems in all our skill scope. As far as actual installation is concerned, our company works closely with a network of local companies that have been trained by our specialists to grasp all the different aspects of airport requirements.

These partners can ensure that the installation complies with current standards and are selected for their geographical closeness to allow for quick intervention time, in such cases as maintenance.


 Surveys : We can carry out technical drawings and specify your requirements. 
 Training : Our specialists can train any operator to the highest operations and maintenance standards, in manufacturing plants, as well as on building sites. 
 Commissioning: Our teams can get on the spot to sort out all the necessary set-ups and tests, and proceed to putting into service those installations. 
 After-Sale Support : ALPHA-AIRPORT guarantees the durability of supplied materials during their lifecycle, and makes sure that all spare parts and consumables be delivered to you at any moment. ALPHA-AIRPORT is at its customer's disposal for any necessary intervention on the spot.


Airfield Lighting

ALPHA-AIRPORT offers a full range of products in absolute compliance with current standards (ICAO, FAA, IEC, STAC, CAP168 et STANAG) 
 Runway and taxiway airfield lighting 
 Approach airfield lighting 
 Heliport airfield lighting 
 Constant Current Regulator (CCR) 
 Transformer, cable and connection 
 Panels, Windsocks and markers 
 Control Systems 
 Obstruction lights 
· Specifical tools

Air Terminal Equipment

All terminal equipment that ALPHA-AIRPORT provide comply with IATA guidelines: 
 Luggage conveyor belts and automating control system 
 Informatic system to printboarding card and luggage tag with CUTE (Commun Use Terminal Equipment) 
 Display systems including plasma or LCD displays with their monitoring equipment. 
· Passenger terminal specific furniture as well as enter check-In desk, custom desk. 
· Passenger terminal miscellaneous furniture : seats, ashtray , posts and guides belts


Mobile systems

Following numerous queries from our customers, we have developed several mobile airfield lighting solutions of our own. 
 This on-battery, high-autonomy light, meets ICAO requirements on photometrical performance (>50Cd for white light). It can be stored and charged on a dedicated trailer
 BIPAL : It is an airfield lighting system based on transformer-light supplied from a CCR. Mobile box, drums and shelters allow an easy set up of all installations. 
 Mobile Control Tower: These control towers are fully furnished and endowed with a control console as well as Radio and Weather forecast equipment to efficiently manage the traffic of a small airport. In addition to our standard Control Tower, we also offer custom-made solutions, tailored to your needs.


Some of the many airports supplied by ALPHA-AIRPORT :

France : Lyon, Brest, Nantes, Perpignan, Saint-Etienne, Auxerre, Bastia, Limoges, Pointe à pitre, Cayenne, Nouméa as well as French airforce bases.

Belgium : Brussels and Charleroi airports as well as several Belgian airforce bases.

Northern Africa: Casablanca, Agadir, Tanger, Essaouira, Marrakech, Al-Hoceima, Gabes, and several Algerian airforce bases.

Subsaharian Africa: Bamako, Cotonou, Dakar, Cap-Skirring, Tambacounda, Yamoussoukro, Abidjan, San Pedro, Daloa, Libreville, Maradi, Zinder, Douala, Djibouti, Abeché.

Caribbean : Melville Hall

Our latest reference :
 Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa N'Djili International Airport,
 Yemen, Balhaf Airport