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Founded in 1994 by a group of professionals with a wide range of experience in the airport sector, ALPHA-AIRPORT initially specialised in airport lighting and power distribution, differentiating itself from other active manufacturers in these sectors by its ability to compose multi-source systems perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each of its customers.

In response to the success of this formula and to recurring market demands, the company subsequently extended its offering to include airport terminal equipment, using the same approach.

Building on this expertise and accumulated experience, it then extended its activity to the overall design of passenger terminals, adapted to medium-sized airports.

Finally, through its research and development department, it developed a business designing innovative products, generally for niche markets, such as solar-powered battery-operated lighting systems, mobile control towers, sheltered power plants and modular prefabricated terminals.

ALPHA-AIRPORT very quickly developed its activities outside France and gave itself the resources to project itself very quickly into distant theatres of operations, mainly in Africa.

Today, ALPHA-AIRPORT has become a key player in the airport world, fully committed to the modernisation and development of hub infrastructures to enable them to cope with the strong and steady growth in air traffic.

Check-in counters and baggage sorting system at Bangui airport (2021)
Conception et réalisation du terminal international de l'aéroport N'Djili à Kinshasa (2015)
Fourniture d'un balisage LED complet pour l'aérodrome de Sainte-Marie - Madagascar (2022)
Conception et réalisation du terminal international de l'aéroport N'Djili à Kinshasa (2015)
Check-in counters and baggage sorting system at Bangui airport (2021)

ALPHA-AIRPORT can meet most of the needs of managers of medium-sized airports or helipads, from the initial project or feasibility study stage, through to the construction of complete turn-key facilities, for the modernisation or extension of their installations.

Its services include :

  • Carrying out studies of all kinds relating to airport facilities, including project management and assistance to project owners.
  • Engineering studies to help the customer define the appropriate system.
  • Definition and launch of production of the system components.
  • Packaging and transport of equipment to remote sites.
  • Installing and carrying out the necessary civil engineering work in collaboration with local partners or supervising the installation.
  • Testing, adjustment, and commissioning.
  • Training personnel in operation and maintenance.
  • System maintenance.
  • Warranty management.

In addition to its technical expertise, ALPHA-AIRPORT's expertise lies in its managerial skills and project management approach:

  • Our staff are constantly listening to our customers, advising them and helping them to express their needs.
  • Each in his or her own role, they ensure that everyone involved in the project is moving in the same direction, with a positive spirit, so that projects can be completed on time.
  • They work transparently and encourage communication, which is essential for efficiency and successful collaboration.

Over time, as we work together on projects, a lasting trust is established between our teams and those of the customer. This helps to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of the installations we build and, through the feedback we provide, to improve the quality of our future services.

Since 2020, Alpha-Airport has also manufactured a range of autonomous runway lights under the EFI-Airport brand. For more information, click on the link


1- Complete solar lighting system for Semera Airport – Ethiopia

  • Studies
  • Supply and installation of solar runway edge lighting, threshold/end, 420m approach, taxiway
  • Radio control system installed in TWR
  • Supply and installation of radio-controlled APRON lighting masts
  • Supply and installation of solar indication and obligation panels
  • Training
  • Commissioning

2- Complete airfield lighting system of Hawassa and Jimma Airports – Ethiopia

  • Studies
  • Supply and installation of CAT I airfield lighting (runway, approach, and taxiway)
  • Control system with touch screen in TWR
  • Supply and installation of APRON lighting masts
  • Supply and installation of indication and obligation solar panels
  • Training
  • Commissioning

3- Construction and equipping of the new Ndjili international terminal - Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Studies
  • Building construction
  • Turn-key terminal equipment
  • Reception
  • Training
  • Commissioning

4- Complete beaconing of 11 helipads in Algeria

  • Studies
  • Supply of FATO, TLOF and obstacle lighting
  • Supply of searchlights, windsocks, HAPI, SAGA, helipad lights
  • Design and supply of power, manual and ALCS radio frequency control cabinets
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Training