In less than ten years, airport baggage handling systems have changed almost beyond recognition. Since September 2001, manual sorting machines and equipment have gradually been replaced by fully automatic systems equipped with the latest computer-guided and -managed technologies. This turning point came about for at least two reasons. The first is the extra security measures that have resulted in passenger/ baggage reconciliation during their entire stay in the terminal, and also in 100% of hold luggage having to be checked not only for explosives but also for radioactive material. This new approach to baggage handling is also linked to the development of hub airports with a number of terminals that are interconnected by several underground conveyor belts in order to form unique systems capable of handling several thousand pieces of luggage per hour. Further progress can be expected in this area.

Baggage Handling Systems

TG concept assists airports in the study, design and installation of baggage sorting systems and hand baggage screening
Daifuku Airport Technologies understands a reliable and efficient baggage handling system is essential to an airport’s success.
ALPHA-CIM has imposed itself as one of the French leaders in the integration of high-tech automatism and industrial IT systems.
Alstef designs, builds and commissions complete baggage handling facilities including the associated software systems, 100% Hold Baggage screening security systems, check-ins, belt conveyors.