Baggage Handling Systems



TG concept supports its customers from engineering to the conception of baggage handling systems in all its forms.


Assisting you in the initial phase of your project

Passenger flows are increasing, regulations are tightening, IT systems are developing and interconnecting… All these constraints are difficult to manage and handle simultaneously for airports BHS and check point.

TG concept understands your problems and helps you in these following steps.


Whatever your problem, we will assess your requirements and system to propose solutions specific to your needs. You can rely on our experience with systems.

Our diagnostics provide objective elements and concrete measures to facilitate decision-making.

  •     Analysis and diagnosis
  •     Improvement of flows
  •     Safety analysis


Assisting you in your baggage handling project

TG concept provide services for airport baggage handling systems to meet your needs.

Our project management integrates all the trades: technological choices (sorters etc.), electromechanics, automation, IT, project management, interfaces with architects and various trades.

  •     Detailed design and realization of turnkey systems
  •     Technical studies
  •     Integration of standard 3 EDS and different security levels
  •     Interface management
  •     Project Management

Processing solutions for all types of baggage

From baggage check-in to handling and sorting, TG concept will help you define the best technical solutions:

  •     Checkin
  •     Transport


Assisting you to define hand baggage screening systems

Passenger and carry-on baggage screening is a significantly important element of airport security. In order to prevent any introduction of illegal objects, Hand baggage screening is used to check the contents of hand luggage.

TG concept designs, supplies and installs Hand baggage screening systems in compliance with the standards in force and offers you the following:

  •     Integration of passenger security check
  •     Integration of Hand baggage screening security machines
  •     Baggage transport
  •     Accessories ( Trolleys, search tables, seats…)
  •     Bins and automated bin return
  •     Baggage search
  •     Partitions and closures


  • Geneva airport
  • Lisbon airport
  • Beirut airport
  • Tarbes airport
  • Nice airport