The concept of sustainable development now features heavily in decisions about architectural designs as well in the choice of construction materials. Environmental aspects have become an essential factor in the construction of new airport buildings, making them more comfortable and safer for passengers. LEED certificate is now the standard that new airports project strive to achieve.


For 150 years, Apave has been helping companies in France and abroad to manage risks and guarantee the safety of goods, people and the environment.
By its independent and innovative structure, ENVISA has provided environmental consultancy (airports, Engineering companies, airlines, CAA's) and supported major international organisations to help deliver independent scientific reports and innovative solutions.
Nice Airport Management (NAMA), is the brand name dedicated to the engineering activities of Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur, it provides you with the highest level of advice and services in the field of training, consultancy, audits, management contracts and concessions.