PROAVIA - French Airport & ATM Technology

is the professional association founded in 1976 as a joint initiative of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, French equipment manufacturers, and consultants to the airport and air traffic control sectors.

Dual goals of PROAVIA are to promote French know-how in these sectors as well as to inform our 60 members about innovations and trends in France and throughout the world impacting aviation and airports.

Airports, Aeronautics, Communication and Promotion are our specialities.

INNOVATIONS abound in our sector ... Sustainable, seamless, interconnected, tailor-made, efficient, INTELLIGENT, today's airport is avant-garde making every effort to satisfy the requirements of its passengers, companies and partners.


Handling increasing numbers of passengers every year, airports are at the cutting edge of technology in many ways.

In our views, solutions designed to serve passengers as well as airlines, airport operators and air traffic controllers must be innovative and the same applies to solutions that protect the environment.

PROAVIA's first edition of the directory ‘French Technologies for Sustainable Airports’ was published in 2017 in order to highlight French expertise in sustainability in airports which had never before been looked at in a systematic way across all areas of sustainability. (website : https://www.greenairport.fr/).

In 2019, PROAVIA and Pexe, the French Cleantech network,  joined forces and our respective networks to publish the second edition of the directory, ”French technologies for sustainable airports” with more than 100 companies listed. Together, we have organized three major conferences on the topic  "Sustainable solutions for a green airport" attended by airports, civil aviation authorities, universities and private companies.

PROAVIA perfectly understands the issues, the expectations and the carbon neutral challenges of our airport sector and showcases the latest French solutions regarding energy conservation measures, airport heating and cooling systems, rainwater collection, efficient building materials and systems, airport systems integration, remote operations control, and big data and airport digital solutions.


Security  is  more  than  a  priority  –  it  is  an  unwavering  obsession  to  make  our  airports  into  places  that  are  clean,  safe,  pleasant  and  true  to  the  attractiveness  of  the countries.

Airport security is aimed at securing aircraft before departure by screening 100% of passengers, personnel, as well as hand and hold luggage in order to detect any object capable of jeopardising the flight (firearms, explosives, etc.).

This responsibility, entrusted to the airport operator by  the  public  authorities,  is  implemented  by  sub-contractor  firms  which  execute  it  under  the  tight  watch  of  the airports,  State  agencies and  international regulations.

Technology comes to the rescue of human intervention by offering additional means  of  observation  thanks  to  cameras  and  a  range  of  experimental initiatives that make use of artificial intelligence such as image-based facial recognition, drones and biometrics.  

PROAVIA maintains a state of ongoing technological watch to identify the most recent French equipment so as to guarantee a high level of security for airports, airlines and passengers.

The objectives of PROAVIA are:

  • To promote French industry in civil aviation and airport development overseas,
  • To organize thematic workshops ensuring communication and dissemination of new ideas and projects results to maximise their impact.
    Website, forum, international exhibition, trade mission, organisation of , brochures and social media are our everyday tools.
  • To assist foreign civil aviation organisations and airport managers to source in France the equipment and services which meet their specific requirements,
  • To initiate international business contacts by participating in specialised exhibitions and symposium,
  • To work worldwide in close cooperation together with the French Civil Aviation,
  • To gather technical and commercial information concerning international airport projects for its members.

What can we do for you ? …. and for free !

  • PROAVIA can draw comprehensive information from its members on what the French industry can provide to meet your specific requirement,
  • PROAVIA can transmit, on your behalf, the information on tender or specific request to the interested companies,
  • PROAVIA can arrange your meeting with French partners, French Civil Aviation or French airports …