Building management systems are used to ensure a secure energy distribution and supply, to optimize energy consumption and sustainable development. They allow to control and monitor all mechanical and electrical systems and processes in airport buildings, to assess the maintenance needs for HVAC, power distribution, CCTV, fire alarm, network communication, UPS, lighting and door access systems.

Airport Technical Installation, Supervision

Fabrication d'ascenseurs, escaliers mécaniques, trottoirs roulants; installation, maintenance, réparation, modernisation.
Codra, specialized in industrial IT, brings solutions for airports by offering a Supervision platform, Panorama, that meets their digital transformation goals and cybersecurity challenges.
Outsight’s 3D Computer Software tracks the motion of people and vehicles using LiDAR data.
ALPHA-CIM has imposed itself as one of the French leaders in the integration of high-tech automatism and industrial IT systems.
Support and consutancy for airport projects. Design for global solutions for airport equipment.  
PcVue France is a global player in monitoring software for the Power, industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure sectors.
INEO Energy & Systems is a communication & information system integrator for ATC and aeronautical systems : navaids, area control centre, telecommunication networks, control towers, power stations and airfield lighting.