Automatique & Industrie

designs and integrates automation systems for Airfield ground lighting, airport systems, infrastructures, energy and building management systems

Airport Technical Installation, Supervision / Runway Lighting, Visual Aids, Power supply

Automatique & Industrie


Automatique & Industrie (AI) designs and integrates automation systems for Airfield ground lighting, airport systems, infrastructures, energy and building management systems.

Founded in 1985, A.I is committed to providing the best possible automation systems design and integration services for airports, infrastructures, and industry.

A.I works with you at all stages of your project from the feasibility study to maintenance once your system is up and running.

With turnkey systems and custom solutions designed to meet your specific needs, A.I provides the tools and expertise your project requires and works with you to ensure successful implementation.

A.I uses only modular, open-source systems chosen for their expandability. We can respond to all requests, from regional to CAT IIIB international airports.

And, as we can use any technology or manufacturer, our customers retain total freedom of choice.



A.I has two decades’ experience in developing, engineering and installation of control and monitoring system for airfield ground lighting. A.I can also control and monitor other equipment or systems such as: Meteo, VOR/DME, NAVAIDS, ILS, CAT III monitor, Video surveillance system.

With more than 100 clients in the airport sector worldwide, A.I solutions are compatible with all types of ground lighting equipment. A.I can interface with existing control and monitoring systems.

Built on PLC architecture with traditional or industrial PC platforms, our solutions include all type of HMI and redundant systems to ensure a complete safety of the airport. We work on our clients’ projects with a network of established partners to propose complete
turnkey projects in the following fields: Airport engineering, Baggage Handling Systems, Airport Information system, Air Navigation Aids, Electrical works.


Now more than ever, our solutions must meet obligations the highly- specialized yet critical field of energy & building management to ensure energy distribution, secure energy supplies, optimize energy consumption and, of course, achieve sustainable development.

A.I develops complete BMS in controlling and monitoring every mechanical and electrical systems and processes in the airport. A.I provides utilities management and diagnoses the maintenance needs for HVAC, power distribution, CCTV, fire alarms, network communication, UPS, lighting and door access. 

The cheapest, cleanest energy is energy saved. Our solutions can help you comply with standards, optimize your energy consumption and further your sustainable development goals.
Like you, we are committed to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You can count on us to share our experience with you so you too, can reduce your carbon footprint. 


> Consulting
A.I works with you on feasibility studies, specifications, master plans, contracting, project management, and technical assessments in order to identify the suppliers and partners your project requires and determine a budget. Your business can then choose to handle implementation in-house or work with A.I.

> Integration
Your project specifications have been finalized and you want your project to run smoothly. A.I is an effective, reliable, responsive partner that believes in open communication and listening to your specific needs.
A.I provides turnkey project management services across all project phases, working closely with your business to ensure that you get the results you need, on time.

> Services
Now more than ever, rolling out automated systems means leveraging expert knowledge across a broad and varied range of fields while maintaining the responsiveness your business needs.
A.I provides support you can count on, bringing in additional knowledge of processes and technologies and working with you to build the most appropriate solution within your deadlines.
A.I can assign qualified personnel to your project or train your teams on the skills needed to implement your project.


Some references in France
Vatry, Saint Yan, Bordeaux, Nice, Dole, Lyon, Lille, Auxerre, Pau, Polynesia, Reunion island, New Caledonia, Cayenne, Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Martinique, Guadeloupe...

Some references abroad
JEDDAH (Arabie Saoudite)
MANILLE (Philippines): Système d'éclairage
NAJRAN, MADAIN SALEY, TAÏF... (Arabie Saoudite)
ALEPPO (Syrie)
MELBOURNE (Australie)...

Our latest references :
• Arabie Saoudite, aéroport de Djeddah
• Algérie, Base Aérienne de Reggane
• Mali, aéroport de Bamako