Security has never been a hotter topic. Terrorism, abuse, computer crime; the threats are of many kinds and have generated a wide variety of services. Where previously the challenge in airport protection was to prevent physical intrusions and their potentially harmful consequences, since 2001 the response to threats has seen a gradual shift towards the design, supply and integration of technology systems that protect critical infrastructure.

Airport Security and Access Control

PIXYS is the French leader in the design of Control Rooms and in particular, Airport Operations Centers (APOC/AOCC). PIXYS is also the distributor and integrator of AgiWare® TOPS and AgiWare® TOMS software.
DEF is an expert in Airport fire safety and fire alarm, automatic extinguishing and supervision of safety systems. DEF equips airports all over the world with solutions and services for fire safety systems
IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment, enabling citizens to perform daily activities (such as pay, connect, travel) both online and in person.
ALPHA-CIM has imposed itself as one of the French leaders in the integration of high-tech automatism and industrial IT systems.
Checking / Hand luggage control / Hold luggage control Services : Engineering, training, maintenance, rental
Smiths Detection is a global leader in threat detection and screening technologies for the military, air transportation, homeland security and emergency response sectors.