Global technology leader for the Aerospace and Space, Defence, Security and Transportation markets

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Thales' portfolio of products and systems embraces air traffic control centres, airport security and video surveillance systems, communication and navigation equipment. Airport video surveillance, navigation, air traffic management.


Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace and Space, Defence, Security and Transportation markets. With its 25,000 engineers and researchers, the group has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements.

Thales is a major industrial player worldwide in the civil aviation domain, providing end-to-end solutions to enhance the security of airport operations, airside safety and air traffic management.

Key figures 2008

  • Revenues: 12,7 bn Euros
  • 68, 000 employees


Airport infrastructure combine multiple facilities among which terminal buildings, delivery areas, staff quarters, process and air traffic control centres, document and goods storage areas, utilities and ancillary buildings for aircraft maintenance. All are critical infrastructure that need to be secured and controlled. As an expert in security solutions for critical infrastructure, Thales works with customers to design and implement integrated solutions for surveillance, access control, communication and information systems, and security operation centres.

Airport Surveillance

Day/night CCTV camera network for motion detection and target tracking, intelligent CCTV systems that automatically raise alerts regarding unusual or suspicious behaviour, and vehicle recognition.

Access control

Protection of access to airport critical areas, requesting authentication and authorisations for workers and specific employees.

Communication network

Secured communications to enable flows of information between systems and with security agents (Radio, wireless and VoIP).

Intrusion detection

Integration of intrusion sensors for controlling unauthorized access to critical areas, physical perimeter sensors, radar and long-range IR camera, CBRN detection.

Network integration

Integration of LAN, WAN and structured cabling to support information flows and provide information assurance.

Security Operation Centres

A real time security operation management solution, providing a cross-functional vision of complex situations for operators and stakeholders, for enhanced operational efficiency as well as decision support, to guarantee continuity of operations.



Thales offers a full range of Air Traffic Management solutions from design and integration to installation and through life support. The Group is uniquely placed to meet ANSPs ATM infrastructure needs worldwide, enabling increased ATM capacity and safety through its leading-edge technology and integrated solutions.

Thales is the major supplier industry contributor to SESAR, and is participating in the NextGen programme.

Airport Tower Automation Systems

Thales offers a full range of scalable tower automation systems from electronic flight stripping systems to A-SMGCS, including foreign object detection devices to secure aircraft movement on the airport.    thales

Air Traffic Management Systems

Covering over 40% of the globe surface the Eurocat system is the industry standard. Its technical and operational superiority results from a high level of integration between Flight Data Processing, datalink and multiple sources such as Radar, ADS-B, ADS-C, Wide Area Multilateration and Airport Multilateration.

Surveillance Solutions

  • Primary L band and S band radars
  • Secondary full Mode S Surveillance Radars
  • ADS-B and ADS-C Systems
  • Multilateration systems and WAM

Air Navigation Aids

All conventional and satellite-based solutions.
Communication Systems
From message switching systems to the most advanced datalink function.

Aeronautical Information Management

From AIS to AIM, a full range of solutions tailored for customer’s needs including all modules of AIM (charting, procedure design, static database AIXM…).


• Dubai International Airport (UAE): Thales is supplying safety & security systems, communications and network integration for C2 and C3 Terminals.

• New Doha International Airport (Qatar): Thales won Phase I and Phase II contracts to provide safety & security systems, airport IT, communications and networks integration.

• King Shaka International Airport (South Africa): Thales provides safety and security systems, airport IT, Building Management System, communications and network integration.

• Paris CDG (France): Thales has delivered video-surveillance, access control and secure fare collection solutions for CDG parking.

• Belgium: With Canac2, Thales provides the most complete system in the densiest airspace of Europe. It is operational in Brussels, Liège, Anvers, Ostende and Charleroi airports (EUROCAT for En-Route and Approach).

• Singapore: The new Lorads III ATM system is evolved from the industry leading EUROCAT automation system and implements a unique combination of the most advanced functionalities defined worldwide. The new EUROCAT is designed to support future air traffic growth in all types of airspaces over the next 15 years.

• South Africa: Thales has successfully delivered the first nationwide ATFM system enabling seamless air traffic flows management, fuel savings and reduction aviation impact on the environnment.

• European Single Sky Programme - SESAR: Thales is the major industry contributor to the programme.

• US NextGen programme: The ADS-B coverage contract provides Thales a critical role in the first major NextGen contract awarded by the FAA