a leading player in digital fingerprint biometrics, multibiometric technologies, smartcards, secure transactions and ID management solutions.

Airport Security and Access Control



Morpho (Safran Group) is a leading player in digital fingerprint biometrics, multibiometric technologies, smartcards, secure transactions and ID management solutions. Morpho is also a leading supplier of explosives and narcotics detection systems.


Safran is an international high-technology group operating in the Aerospace (propulsion and equipment), Defense and Security markets.
Through this global presence Safran not only enhances its competitiveness, but also builds industrial and commercial relations with the world’s leading prime contractors and operators, and provides fast, local services to customers around the world.

MORPHO (Safran group) is the world leader in digital fingerprint biometrics and a leading player in multibiometric technologies, smartcards, secure transactions and ID management solutions. Integrated systems and equipment by Sagem Sécurité are used worldwide to ensure transport safety, protect high-value infrastructures and electronic transactions.

MORPHO is a leading supplier of explosives and narcotics detection systems for government, military, air and ground transportation, first responder, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations. It was formed in 2009 following SAFRAN Group’s acquisition of GE Security’s Homeland Protection business.


Border Control

The border control of persons, goods and vehicles is a key element in the life of a country. 
Morpho has leaded a thorough reflexion, long before September 11th, on the way that technology could improve and facilitate border crossing procedures. 
With the increase in traveller throughputs and security concerns, the need for new border control processes has been deemed necessary. 
To meet the requirements of these new challenges, Morpho has developed a wide range of automated or semi-automated products and solutions.
The MorphoWay™ Series of automated e-gates —for the control of travellers entering or leaving a territory— contributes to the reconciliation of two a priori contradictory objectives: security and facilitation.
Based on fingerprint or face recognition, the MorphoWay are modular solutions. They are easy to integrate in the existing airport control and security systems. 
By speeding up border control operations, it also offers an effective answer to the current increase in passenger volumes.
Amongst various solutions, MorphoWay On The Fly, based on the latest 3D facial recognition technology, is a low footprint system that greatly contributes to reduce line-ups at borders.


Morpho’s product offering includes some of the most recognizable, integrated and user-friendly homeland security solutions available today, including:

  • The CTX™ family of automated explosives detection solutions (EDS) for checked baggage screening in airport environments. It is built on advanced Computed Tomography (CT) technology and certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
  • The “Trace” family of products is built on Morpho Detection’s patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer technology (ITMS™). This highly sensitive detection technology has established itself as a leading tool in the global fight against explosives and narcotics.
  • The XRD family of products includes explosives and narcotics systems built on proven and highly selective X-ray Diffraction technology (XRD).
  • The StreetLab® family of products, based on Raman Spectroscopy technology, offers industry-leading handheld and desktop unknown substance identification.
  • The HRX™ line of X-ray scanners offers cost effective solutions ideal for screening requirements of airports, government offices and other business applications.

Systems deployed in more than 100 countries.

  • Automated border control system deployed in 8 international Australian and 3 New Zealand airports.
  • Automated border control solution installed in 2 international French airports (Paris and Marseille - Provence).
  • Multi-Biometric E-border control - Border counters in Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • TSA Pre® : Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Universal Enrollment Services (UES) program.
  • French PNR Program.
  • Biometric employee identification system deployed in Aéroports de Paris (France), in 29 Canadian and 10 major USA airports.
  • 2,000 EDS and 23,000 ETD delivered worldwide.
  • Strategic partnership with key international
  • organizations such as FBI and Interpol.