Airport Passenger Processing and Security

Airport Security and Access Control



IDEMIA : Airport Passenger Processing and Security

IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented Identity, is a trusted partner of more than 200 airports worldwide with solutions covering biometric passenger processing, border control, video analytics and access control.

Securing our identity in an increasingly digitalized world has become mission critical. At IDEMIA, we are committed to supporting our clients and making the lives of citizens safer and easier.

The Public Security & Identity Business Unit’s purpose is twofold: assist governments and organizations to protect their citizens and contribute to the progression of society by providing every individual with a valid and secure identity.

As the world leader in biometric solutions, IDEMIA builds on 40 years of strong relationships with governments. We provide biometric technologies, combined with artificial intelligence and video analytics, connected to interoperable identity systems and devices. We offer a seamless passenger experience from check-in to boarding and border crossing. Our solutions support the fast, efficient and accurate investigation of offences – from petty to serious crimes and road-related violations.


Border Control

With Augmented Borders, IDEMIA’s comprehensive border control suite, border officers can overcome the challenge of incresing security while facilitating legitimate crossings by moving from a document-centric to a person-centric and risk-based approach.

This exhaustive suite of solutions enables governments to better manage their borders from the equipment in interaction with the travelers (counters, kiosks, gates, digitalized services) to the management systems that are used before or during the border crossing (Visa, electronic travel authorization, Entry-Exit system, risks assessment).

Augmented Borders is based on three pillars:

  • A free-flowing approach for border crossing equipment (eGates, Counters and Kiosks etc.), based on our technologies developed in-house, in which travelers’ biometrics are the main credentials
  • A person-centric approach for Border Management Systems (Entry-Exit system, Biometric Engine, Visa system etc.)
  • A risk-based analysis to avoid long waiting lines for travelers and focus border agents’ efforts where needed

Systems deployed in more than 100 countries.

  • Automated border control system deployed in 8 international Australian and 3 New Zealand airports.
  • Automated border control solution installed in 2 international French airports (Paris and Marseille - Provence).
  • Multi-Biometric E-border control - Border counters in Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • TSA Pre® : Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Universal Enrollment Services (UES) program.
  • French PNR Program.
  • Biometric employee identification system deployed in Aéroports de Paris (France), in 29 Canadian and 10 major USA airports.
  • 2,000 EDS and 23,000 ETD delivered worldwide.
  • Strategic partnership with key international
  • organizations such as FBI and Interpol.