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Smiths Detection is a global leader in threat detection and screening technologies for the military, air transportation, homeland security and emergency response sectors. Our experience and history across more than 40 years at the frontline, enables us to provide unrivalled levels of expertise to detect and identify constantly changing chemical, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats, as well as weapons, dangerous goods, contraband and narcotics. 

Our goal is simple - to provide the security, peace of mind and freedom of movement upon which the world depends.

Hi-Scan 6040 CTiX
Hi-Scan 10080 XCT
Ionscan 600

Providing the full range of solutions to meet changing airport security needs Airports, airlines and authorities around the world trust Smiths Detection’s deep expertise in delivering integrated solutions that provide the security, operational efficiency and scalability that they need to keep their passengers, customers and infrastructure safe from :

The Smart Checkpoint Solution 

Smiths Detection’s integrated checkpoints have been developed to support you in achieving both security and operational objectives. We provide complete solutions and back-up you from planning and design to commissioning, integration and service for the lifespan of the equipment; all equipment, technologies, software and support from one source.
We create solutions tailored to meet your specific business and regulatory requirements: delivering a cost effective process; increased passenger satisfaction; and sustainable commercial growth. 
All of our checkpoint solutions are upgradeable to accommodate escalating threats and, through sustained investment in research and development, we continue to innovate to further improve performance.

The Complete Hold Bagage Solution

Hold baggage screening (HBS) is going through a transformative phase. More people are travelling at a time when security threats are at their highest. With new regulations demanding efficient systems that detect a wider range of substances, you need an HBS solution that delivers the highest levels of security and performance.
Our comprehensive HBS solution portfolio has the necessary flexibility and scalability for integration into everything from small airports to multi-terminal and multi-airport operations. With a deep understanding of detection technology and compliance, we deliver the right solutions for today, which are also ready to handle the detection, growth and regulatory demands of tomorrow.

Air Cargo Screening

Smiths Detection equipment has been fulfilling and exceeding international legislative requirements for air cargo screening and is committed to further enhance the security chain with its comprehensive range of detection solutions. 
As mandated by the authorities air cargo on passenger aircraft has to be security screened. As a world leader in transportation security, notably airport X-ray systems used in the search for illegal or dangerous items,
Smiths Detection is well experienced in providing air carriers and other stakeholders in the security chain with cargo security technologies tailored to fit their layer of security and to meet their respective legislative mandate.