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Airport Technical Installation, Supervision

PcVue France


PcVue France is a global player in monitoring software for the Power, industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure sectors. Driven by innovation and technical excellence, PcVue France develops solutions integrating the latest cloud technologies, connected objects and mobile solutions. The PcVue offer includes a suite of software and hardware to display, control, manage and analyze information from your facilities. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, PcVue France is present worldwide and relies on a network of partners, distributors, OEMs, machine builders and system integrators to offer its products and expertise.

  • Airfield Ground Lighting
  • Boarding ( aircraft gateways)
  • Aircraft fleet mangement
  • Centralized technical mangement
  • Elecrity supply management
  • Centralized technical management for terminals’ connections
  • Automatic border crossing
  • Borders security
  • Car parking management
  • Baggage handling system
  • Fire operating support unit

A national coverage

  • Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport
  • Orly airport
  • Le Bourget airport
  • BâleMulhouse airport
  • La réunion Roland Garros airport
  • Lille airport
  • Lyon Saint Exupéry airport
  • Marseille airport
  • Montpellier airport
  • Nice airport
  • Saint Pierre et Miquelon airport
  • Toulon Hyères airport
  • Toulouse airport
  • Vatry airport


And international :

  • Bacau (Romania) airport
  • Beyrouth (Lebanon) airport
  • Bharein airport
  • Bruxelles (Belgium) airport
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) airport
  • Carasco (Uruguay) airport
  • Cotonou (Benin) airport
  • Luxembourg airport
  • Montevideo (Uruguay) airport
  • Moscou (Russia) airport
  • Niamey (Niger) airport
  • Oslo (Norway) airport
  • Tokyo Narita (Japan) airport
  • Yaoundé (Cameroon) airport