Designs, builds and commissions complete baggage handling facilities

Baggage Handling Systems



From small airports to major hubs, Alstef Group has been delivering baggage handling systems, solutions and support to airports around the globe for over 50 years. Over the years, we made it a top priority to maintain compliance of our systems with changing safety regulations and  IATA guidelines.

We have extensive experience undertaking retrofit works, working within the challenges of operational airports and are experts at minimising impacts to operations.

Alstef Group tailors solutions from a customised suite of integrated, modular products and automation control software technologies that are designed, configured, and quality assured before shipping, to enable seamless on-site installation, commissioning, and simplified ongoing maintenance. 

We go beyond automation.

Alstef Group - make up carousel
Alstef Group - Orly - Roissy _ Le Kube
Alstef Group - ADP terminal 2B
Alstef Group - Mexico
Alstef Group - Orly
Alstef Group - Swift drop - Mexico
Alstef Group - BagXone
Alstef Group - Predictive maintenance
Alstef Group - arrival carrousel - Roissy

Experts in baggage handling system

No project too big or too small

  • Our extensive product range includes products for check-in, transportation, sortation, reclaim,  self-service bag drop and control software.
  • We consult, design, manufacture, integrate, install, commission, control and support.

  • We offer a comprehensive, secure range of baggage handling system simulation, emulation,  control, tracking, sortation, visualization, and information software modules to provide system validation, real-time bag traceability, and full baggage handling system low-level and high-level control.

  • Alstef Group is equipped to offer any level of required support for your baggage handling system. Whether you require a site-based team to operate and maintain your system daily or quarterly maintenance and system health checks with 24/7 assistance, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

  • Alstef Group supports you in the implementation of your cybersecurity policy.

  • Mexico (Mexico) : Felipe Angeles International Airport

  • Auckland (New Zealand) : Auckland airport

  • Nice (France) : Nice Côte d'Azur airport

  • Paris (France) : Paris airports (ADP)  - Roissy & Orly 

  • Moscou (Russie) : Sheremetyevo airport 

  • Montréal (Canada) : P.E.Trudeau Terminal airport

  • Reykjavik (Islande) : Keflavik airport

  • Saint Martin (Saint Martin) : Princess Juliana airport 

  • Ile Maurice : SSR International airport

  • Zagreb (Croatie) : International airport - new terminal.

  • Euroairport Bâle Mulhouse (France/Switzerland/Germany)

CASE STUDY : Automated guided vehicles (AGV) designed for baggage handling