Airport as the international gate to a city is becoming a symbol for many of them. Architects and designers must therefore balance between the aesthetic of the airport shell and the technical characteristics of its facilities and equipment. More and more, the issue of sustainable development features also heavily in decisions about location of the facilities, architectural designs of airports, as well as in the choice of which construction materials. When sustainable development informs the choice of technical solutions, it can improve the quality of the airport as a whole and make them more comfortable and safer for users. Whereas airport engineering identifies areas for improvement, modernization of infrastructure so as to become more competitive, airport training develops the skills of the airport teams with courses and assistance that are tailored to airport business operation needs.


LOGYx offers a wide range of proven solutions covering the full spectrum of training, evaluation and certification needs in the field of aviation security.
With over 13,000 employees and a turnover of $1bn, Egis is an international group providing consultancy, engineering, project structuring and operations support across many sectors, including: transport, urban development, building, industry, water, environment and energy. 
ADP Ingénierie, a Groupe ADP subsidiary, is a French engineering company that carries out architectural and engineering worldwide activities dealing with design or development of airports. It is one-of-a-kind true solution provider among its competitors, by being 100% dedicated to airports and providing 360° expertise to its customers.
For fifty years, AIA Life Designers has been championing a culture of collective and collaborative understanding to meet the new conditions of complexity, especially for major health facilities and airports. It approaches every architectural project by deciphering all the logics of effective situations to provide the most valid intervention and transformation arrangements.
Safety Line uses Big Data technologies to improve  airport  safety  and  
SETEC with over 2000 empoyees and annual revenues of €230 million is one of France's largest engineering firm.
Nice Airport Management, a brand name of Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur, provides advice and services in the field of training, assessments, audits, management contracts and concessions.
The result of a merger between Coteba and Sogreah in 2010, Artelia is an  international, multi-disciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors ofbuilding construction, infrastructure, water, industry and environment.  
The SUEZ group of companies is a world leader in managing water resources and recycling and waste recovery. Its subsidiary company OSIS RV SUD-EST has developed innovative products for hydraulic cleaning, including a technique for removing rubber deposits from airport runways.