Hub Performance

optimise airport hub performance using capacity planning forecast, simulation and waiting time prediction

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Hub Performance


HUB Performance provides passenger terminal capacity planning and performance measurement, Baggage and cargo handling simulation and optimization, Passenger flow management.

HUB Performance : Searching for a better way to plan with capacity constraints.
The dramatic rise in quality and efficiency requirements in airport operations incurred fast security measures enhancement.
This in turn puts pressure on passenger service levels and retail income as a result of longer waiting times at check-in and security check points.
New projects arise. Each start-up needs to be a success.
Lack of visibility forces Terminal Operation Managers to make decisions based solely on experience.
New dynamics are difficult to measure and Managers need bridges to the future.
And those bridges can be in the form of capacity planning, HUB Performance's main business.


Passenger Terminal Operations Optimization

HUB Performance airports Planners provide visibility to analyze passenger flows through terminal.
Project managers can actually view potential capacity problems rather than speculating. Our knowledge allows us evaluating people mover systems, sizing retail and lounge areas based on passenger profiles, provide load vs. capacity visibility at manned operations.

Baggage Handling Optimization

HUB Performance airport planners evaluate Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) and optimize designs. We analyze system performance, size material handling equipments, define and validate operational strategies.
Our virtual BHS systems allow us to experiment several scenarios and to deal with off-line commissioning using control system testing platforms.

Cargo Handling Optimization

Cargo Handling Systems capacity planning allows us to provide visibility on systems performance by considering factors such as materials handling equipments capacity, operational ware housing and cross-docking strategies. As for BHS, we test control systems using our off-line commissioning platform in order to secure projects start-up.


PAX2SIM: Easy to use Passenger Terminal Capacity planning
PAX2SIM is a data-driven solution used for infrastructure projects and planning in order to size airports and generate trends on passengers frequenting information.

PAX2SIM features:

  • Data driven and process simulation
  • Resources planning and allocation
  • Peak analysis for passenger, baggage, friend, trolley
  • Flow diagram
  • Terminal functional areas sizing
  • Scenarios management
  • Passenger dwell time forecast
  • Scenarios comparison
  • Evaluate Baggage Handling System demand

PAX2COUNT: Passenger Terminal Performance Measurement
To improve frequentation and performance in the airports, HUB Performance developed a new method to analyze and evaluate performance of airport passenger terminals: PAX2COUNT.

The software has been specified jointly with ADPI in order to be accurate and easy to use in the terminal, even and especially during peak periods.
One critical issue for any simulation pre-sizing study is to gather accurate and up-to-date flow data.
“Passenger Terminal Performance Measurement” software is to be used on a Tablet PC or a PDA.

PAX2COUNT features:

  • Resources numbering
  • Passengers counting
  • Passengers/Bags timing
  • Process timing
  • Density mapping


  • Paris CDG 2E S3
  • Paris ORY Junction
  • Lyon,
  • Bordeaux Billi
  • EuroAirport


  • London Heathrow Q6 T1, T2 & T
  • London Gatwick South terminal
  • Athens International
  • Geneva
  • Liège


  • ADPI
  • CALL3D
  • BNP Associates
  • Jeppensen
  • TG Concept
  • Alfyma
  • Alstef
  • Beumer group
  • Siemens
  • Teleflex.