Setec International

one of France's largest engineering firm.

Airport Design, Consulting and Engineering

Setec International


SETEC with over 3500 empoyees and annual revenues of €434 million in 2022 is one of France's largest engineering firm.

SETEC wholly owned by its directors and principal engineers, setec is completely independent.

The group’s subsidiaries specialize in virtually every engineering aspect of all types of engineering projects. SETEC is a leading player in project design, construction and management as well as client assistance and representation. Vast multidisciplinary expertise enables the group to contribute to key aspects of air transportation and airport projects including air traffic forecasting, airline growth strategies, marketing, business plans and financing packages, design and construction of airport infrastructure, buildings, access networks, equipment and facilities, airport security, project management, functional programming, master planning, organization of structures.

In France and worldwide, SETEC works closely with other contributors to the air transportation value chain including airport authorities, airlines, handling companies, investment funds, transport authorities, suppliers and aircraft manufacturers.



SETEC provides a wide range of services and expertise for the airport industry.

B.1. Strategy / Legal & finance
• Strategy
Traffic and revenue forecasting, definition of marketing strategy, pricing, project management, environmental and economic impact.
• Project management and control,
Business plans, Public-private partnerships, Due diligence, Risk analysis.

B.2. Infrastructure
• Airport infrastructure
Runways, taxiways, aircraft parking stands, passenger car parks.
• Access infrastructure
Roads, ramps and access roads, civil engineering works, tram, subway, and light rail networks.

B.3. Airport buildings
Passenger terminals, administrative buildings, special-purpose airport buildings, and commercial premises. Equipment operation and maintenance. Environment-friendly and HQE® (Haute Qualité Environnementale or high quality environmental standard) design.

B.4. Systems & equipments
• Airport equipment and facilities
Baggage handling system, RFID, passenger airbridges, runway lighting, user information systems, airport security, centralized technical management, Tetra and WiFi networks, videosurveillance.
• Other systems
Primary and backup power distribution systems, car park management and operations systems, on-site transportation systems (people movers), vehicle traffic management (users’ vehicles and shuttle services), and access control.


C.1. Strategy / Legal & finance
Marseille airport: west zone development strategy (100 ha)
Roland Garros Airport: socio-economic impact
Lyon airports: intermodal air/rail traffic forecast 
Regional airport manager: assistance with bid preparation following renewal of concession
Private customers: due diligences for airports privatizations in France, Brazil, Russia, Belgium
Tourism promoter Atout France: analysis of economic impacts of low-cost services on areas served by five French regional airports
Tourism promoter Atout France: technical and economic feasibility study for opening a new air route between Paris-CDG and the two carribean island of Guadeloupe and Martinique
Private customer: traffic and revenue forecasts for CDG-Express
Nice, Marseilles, and Toulon airports: long-term traffic forecasts
Air France, French civil aviation authority DGAC, Paris airport authority ADP, Snecma: analysis of drivers of air transportation market demand, analysis of the low-cost revolution, forecast of airport capacity crunch in Europe
French civil aviation authority DGAC: analysis of airline strategies
ADP, DGAC, Air France: analysis of trends in airport business models
DGAC: analysis of new market & administrative tools for allocation of airport takeoff/landing slots
DGAC: analysis of air/TGV competition/complementarity.

C.2. Infrastructure
C.2.1. Airport infrastructure
Abu Dhabi airport: SDA file for extensions to runways, taxiways, and utility networks
Nice airport: design, passenger car parking building
Clément Ader Airbus factory, Toulouse: management, design and construction, outdoor areas, and Star A380 area (12-bay aircraft stand area, 3 industrial buildings, buried utility networks, and apron equipment).

C.2.2. Access infrastructure
Paris-Orly airport: management, design and construction, road access and parking areas.
Modifications to road (RD1) between Toulouse-Blagnac airport and Aéroconstellation area to accommodate trucks carrying Airbus A380 sections.
Roland Garos Airport: redesign program for road access and parking
Paris-CDG: analysis of a new point of entry for a rail link in the airport

C.3. Buildings
Paris Airports: framework contract for buildings/terminal extensions
Paris-CDG, Terminal 2F: scheduling, cost control, supervision & coordination of construction work
Paris-CDG, Terminal 1: scheduling, cost control, supervision & coordination of refurbishment work
Toulouse, Airbus: management, design and construction, Aéroconstellation development zone
Paris-CDG: satellites S3 & S4
Paris-CDG, Terminal 2E: reconstruction.

C.4. Systems & equipments
Abu Dhabi airport: equipment project (baggage handling system, air bridges)
Marseilles airport: feasibility study for a new baggage system
Nice airport, Terminal 1: client assistance and representation, baggage handling
Nice airport, Terminal 2: feasibility study, baggage handling
Paris-CDG airport: audit, baggage handling system
Paris-CDG airport: client assistance and representation, SAT line 1 & LISA transportation systems (2003-07)
Paris-CDG airport: assistance with contracting for extension to LISA transportation system
Paris-CDG, terminal 1: profile management, new baggage handling system