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AIA Life Designers


For fifty years, AIA Life Designers has been championing a culture of collective and collaborative understanding to meet the new conditions of complexity, especially for major health facilities and airports. It approaches every architectural project by deciphering all the logics of effective situations to provide the most valid intervention and transformation arrangements. AIA Life Designers tries to involve the contracting authority very early on to go further, deepening the responses, encouraging future appropriation and therefore the sustainability of buildings.
The group has been expanding internationally for the last ten years, with branches in Shanghai, Geneva and Luxembourg. It is also involved in many projects on all continents, in support of its main partners.



AIA Life Designers gathers architects, engineers and building economists. This organization is inspired by an anglo-saxon model allows us to cover all the project management missions.


AIA Life Designers is currently working on four airport projects:

  • The first large-scale airport with 100% natural ventilation in St Denis de la Réunion ;
  • The extensive restructuring on an occupied site at Nantes Atlantique Airport ;
  • The extension to Aimé Césaire de la Martinique Airport in Fort de France blending in with the natural site and its Mount Pelée ;
  • The extension to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport and its "industrial"architecture.