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Bouygues Bâtiment International


Bouygues Bâtiment International (BBI) is the international building branch of Bouygues Construction, one of the world’s construction leaders.

Over the years, BBI has developed a renowned airport development experience covering planning, design, financing, construction, and operation. This broad range of airport expertise and credentials are now merged under the Bouygues Construction Airports umbrella, BBI’s dedicated solution for airports.

Bouygues Construction Airports is an experienced, market-leading airport developer that works on complex airport projects in challenging financial, environmental, geographical, and regulatory environments. With a wealth of expertise and knowledge involving experts in airport design, engineering, financing, legal structuring and risk mitigation, Bouygues Construction Airports delivers complex infrastructures around the world, developing greenfield and brownfield airport projects from inception to full operation.

Bouygues Construction Airports brings a vast expertise in airport asset development and management enabling airport business growth and profitability, through a comprehensive improvement of commercial revenues and real estate programs. Its expertise covers the whole value chain where the initial financing structure serves the long-term interests of passengers and users and where the airport design is optimized for revenues to the benefit of the competitiveness of the airport.

Airports are highly visible assets and can have significant social and environmental impacts. Airport developers must consider the impact that large infrastructure developments will have on the local areas. Tomorrow’s airport must offer a unique and seamless customer experience while being part of a sustainable and virtuous economic cycle. In addition, it must not only respond to global climate challenges but also to local economic concerns. To achieve this, Bouygues Construction Airports strongly advocates that the airport for next generations will be sustainable, passenger-centric, flexible, and efficient.


Bouygues Bâtiment International (BBI)

  • Employees: 9,441
  • Order intake: €3.0 B
  • Turnover: €2.7 B



  • Access to international private financing
  • High experience with international development banks
  • Over €20 B of project financing, both in debt and equity (Bouygues Construction Group)
  • € 1.1 B up front Capex Investment in airport concessions


  • Traffic growth and business case planning
  • Operational and regulatory assessment
  • Airport design and coordination
  • Optimization of revenues and costs
  • Technical and environmental innovation


  • Construction, planning and phasing under operation
  • Airside access and logistics, safety assessment
  • Supply chain and contractual framework management
  • Innovative and low-carbon material sourcing
  • Integration of technical and operational innovation
  • Airport stakeholders management
  • Turnkey delivery, testing and commissioning
  • Integration into the global airport platform

Landside Development

  • Urban planning and real estate development programs
  • Landside development revenues optimization
  • Permitting and regulatory assessment
  • Financing solutions with partners
  • Commercial diversification: Hotels, Shopping Galleries, Exhibition & Conference Centres
  • Corporate diversification: Offices, Headquarters, Datacenters, Logistic facilities

Operation & Maintenance

  • Asset management and operational credentials
  • Operational expenditure optimization from design
  • Operation management key positions
  • Board of Directors and Executive Committee positions in airports

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Madagascar | Ivato & Nosy Be Airports

Design, construction and financing of a new international terminal with contact positions and the renovation of the existing terminal at Ivato airport, the country’s capital, as well as the renovation and extension of the terminal at Nosy Be airport, the country’s second largest airport, the complete renovation of the runways of both airports, the environmental compliance of both airports, as well as the maintenance and operation of both airports for a period of 28 years.

World Bank - Edge Certification

ACI - Airport Health Accreditation

Route Africa Awards - Category for airports under 4 Mpax - Recognising excellence in airport marketing

Partnership Awards - Gold Award Winner, Best Transport Project

Africa Investment Awards - Best Infrastructure Project with special distinction

Thomson Reuters Project Finance International Awards - Deal of the Year Transport MEA

Infrastructure Journal Global Awards - African Airport Deal of the Year

GAD World - Deal of the Year

Global Transport Finance - Deal of the Year Transport MEA

Project Finance International - Deal of the Year Transport MEA


Croatia | Zagreb International Airport

Design and build of a new international passenger terminal of 65,000 sqm with 8 contact boarding bridges and a capacity of 5 million passenger per year, extensible to 8 million, plus the associated airside facilities, apron and connecting taxiways, and landside facilities, viaduct, access roads, car parks, as well as energy plant, upgrading of the platform to European environmental standards.