To satisfy airports’ growing need for effective communication, suppliers count on their research and development departments to continuously improve the performance of their equipment. Expanding airport hubs, security requirements, increasing customer services and faster throughput thanks to self checking, self-boarding, and egates all lead to a need for more and more sophisticated communications systems. There is a tendency towards integrated modular solutions (telephone, public address system, flight management systems, databases, language selection, automatic announcements) capable of providing the necessary flexibility at a high level of security.

Airport Information Technology (IT)

Innov’ATM optimizes airplane and drone operations with Artificial Intelligence. In the Aircraft Transport Industry Innov’ATM optimizes processes for ATC, Airports and Airline Operators with advanced forecasting prediction model algorithms and ad hoc optimisation algorithms.
GORGY TIMING designs, produces and sells timing devices : master clocks, LED digital clocks, analogue handle clocks dedicated for airports, ATC datation and synchronization, avionics embedded GPS time base.
HUB ONE is a group offering ICT services for work environments; customised fixed and mobile telecommunications, mobility and traceability solutions.
Bodet is a long-established name in synchronisation and time display in the transport sector, including airports. Its know-how is recognised internationally, thanks to the quality and reliability of its products.
Stereolabs provides advanced 3D AI Sensors and Software solutions to analyze the physical world and deliver real-time actionable insights to its 8,900 customers around the world.