Self-service solutions for the passenger process - Check-in, Baggage tagging - Border control and boarding

Airport Information Technology (IT)



From check-in to boarding, IER designs solutions to help airlines, airports and ground handlers face air transportation challenges today. Passenger CUSS Check-in and boarding.
IER, a French based company, has been a leading player in the area of check-in and boarding of passengers in the air transportation industry for over 30 years.
IER is dedicated to providing airlines, airports and ground handlers with reliable and innovative solutions to safely manage the passenger and baggage flows at airports.
IER’s customer service and support guarantee an everyday operation of equipment and software applications. The IER Support and Monitoring Center provides 24/7 online customer assistance.
IER ensures sales and technical support to its customers through a large network of subsidiaries and offices in the world.

IER 710 Slimgate Self-Boarding Gates at Charleroi Brussels South Airport (Belgium) Porte d’embarquement IER 710 Slimgate à l’Aéroport de Charleroi Bruxelles Sud (Belgique)
IER 919 Self-Check-in Kiosks for Air New Zealand at Invercargill Airport (New Zealand)
IER 919 Self-Check-in Kiosks for Aeroflot at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow (Russia)

Ease check-in operations

IER leads the way with innovative solutions for extending the self-service experience that streamline the passenger travel experience.

IER’s all inclusive check-in solution includes a large portfolio of new check-in options including:
• ALADIN®, a multi-DCS internet check-in application allowing passengers to check from any internet connected PC.
• IER CUSS platform, including hardware, CUSS middleware and self-service application(ALISS®), and offering passengers the ability to check in and print their boarding passes and bag tags on a self-service kiosk.
• WALTER, the IER mobile phone check-in application.
• IER proposes a complete range of 2D barcode bag tags and boarding pass printers.

Immigration and security checkpoints

Through its subsidiary Automatic Systems, IER proposes an Automated Border Control gate, a solution which enhances the security controls and eliminates queuing at security checkpoint.
Baggage handling process

IER has designed an automated baggage drop-off solution that is very flexible, easy to install and fully compatible with existing baggage handling system. IER provides also a complete RFID solution for baggage sorting systems, including RFID bag tag printers, RFID bag tag and tunnels.

Speeding up the boarding process

IER has launched a self-boarding gate, the IER SBG. The aim is to make sure that passengers
passing through the gate are who they claim to be and that they are entitled to board on plane.

  • Self-service check-in kiosks : IER’s global installed base exceeds 2,000 units. With the IER 919, our latest generation kiosk, our most recent references are :
    • San Francisco Intl Airport
    • Viracopos Airport
    • Air New Zealand
    • Aéroports de Paris
    • Aeroflot
    • Airports of Mauritius Co Ltd.
    • Royal Air Maroc…
  • Automated Border Control (kiosks, readers) :
    • Libreville airport
    • Miami airport…
  • Self-boarding gate: IER 710 Slimgate :
    • Brussels South Charleroi Airport.
  • Terminals : IER 400 & 560 BP/BT printers, IER 602.
  • Gate reader :
    • American Airlines
    • Hyderabad Airport
    • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
    • Yinchuan Hedong Airport...