French leader in the design of Control Rooms and in particular, Airport Operations Centers (APOC/AOCC

Airport Information Technology (IT)



PIXYS is a French company based in Suresnes specializing in the design of Control Rooms. PIXYS provides unique know-how in France, in organizational consulting and ergonomics missions centered on the operational functions of control rooms dedicated to supervision and command. Its consultants are renowned for their knowledge of operations centers and crisis management, for their analytical skills, for their cross-disciplinary knowledge, for their ability to be proactive and for their ability to implement operational solutions chosen by their clients. PIXYS is also the distributor of AgiWare® TOPS, a solution that equips:

  • TV Broadcasting infrastructure managers,
  • French motorways,
  • International airports.

Finally, PIXYS is the distributor of the Hypervision solution: AgiWare® TOMS.


Consulting Services:

PIXYS is specialized in the design of Airport Operations Centers (APOC/AOCC) by integrating the best practices in terms of organization, ergonomics and optimization of operations.

PIXYS carries out missions ranging from project management assistance to project management of works, furniture, technical specifications and video walls.

PIXYS also took part in the production of the White Paper AEMC (Airport Enterprise Management Centre).

This document outlines the anticipated developments for airports and establishes guidelines for the conception and implementation of future AOCC/APOC.

AgiWare® TOPS:

Is a software package for the secure aggregation of applications or parts of applications allowing the operator to be offered in one click (SSO) a workstation containing all the information it needs according to its operating context.

Main features:

  • Structured and secure access to IT Systems,
  • Optimization of the Multi IT Systems Workstation,
  • Aggregation of the necessary information while respecting IT security requirements:
    • Protected systems,
    • Office software,
    • WEB resources.
  • Bringing agility to IT and flexibility in the organization of workstations.

AgiWare® TOMS:

The concept of this software is to collect all the data relating to the airport (weather, CMMS, technical equipment, QoS indicators,…) and to process them in order to calculate the impact of the various operational hazards. 

It is a scalable and flexible tool to cope with organizational, business and technological changes.

AgiWare® TOMS is based on:

  • Collecting data from production systems and external resources (Web, IOT, etc.),
  • Data analysis and creation of alerts using configurable rules,
  • Measurement of Service Levels (KPI),
  • Assessing the impacts of malfunctions,
  • Decision support,
  • Operational Command communication. 


  • Lyon Airport
    • Conception and Project Management for the APOC/AOCC
  • Geneva Airport
    • Conception and Project Management Assistance for the APOC/AOCC
    • Conception of the BLC Control Room (Bagages Logistic Center)
  • Paris-Orly Airport
    • Conception of the APOC/AOCC
  • Toulouse Airport
    • Conception of the APOC/AOCC
  • Macau Airport 
    • Conception of the APOC/AOCC
  • Nice Airport
    • Conception and Project Management for the APOC/AOCC
  • Cluj Airport
    • Conception of the APOC/AOCC
  • Marseille Airport
    • Assistance for the definition of AOCC IT Systems

AgiWare® TOPS

  • Airports
    • Geneva Airport
    • Nice Airport
    • Toulouse Airport
  • Highways
    • Vinci Autoroutes
    • ATMB
    • CEVM

AgiWare® TOMS

  • Nice Airport