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Architecture / Airport Design, Consulting and Engineering
AIA Life Designers has been championing a culture of collective and collaborative understanding to meet the new conditions of complexity, especially for major health facilities and airports. It approaches every architectural project by deciphering all the logics of effective situations to provide the most valid intervention and transformation arrangements.
Airport Design, Consulting and Engineering / Fuel and Hydrant Systems
Consultant in the field of hydrants (kerosene networks) or other fluids (water, glycol ..) The company provides services
Airport Information Technology (IT)
ALE International make everything connect with digital age networking, communications and cloud solutions.
Baggage Handling Systems
Since 40 years, Alfyma proposes a unique offer in conception, manufacture, installation, adjustment and maintenance of baggage handling systems for airport sector.
Airport Design, Consulting and Engineering / Runway Lighting, Visual Aids, Power supply / Baggage Handling Systems
Founded in 1994 by a group of professionals with a wide range of experience in the airport sector, ALPHA-AIRPORT initially specialised in airport lighting and power distribution, differentiating itself from other active manufacturers in these sectors by its ability to compose multi-source systems perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each of its customers.
ATC and Runway Technical Installation / Airport Technical Installation, Supervision
ALPHA-CIM has imposed itself as one of the French leaders in the integration of high-tech automatism and industrial IT systems.
Baggage Handling Systems
From small airports to major hubs, Alstef Group has been delivering baggage handling systems, solutions and support to airport
For 150 years, Apave has been helping companies in France and abroad to manage risks and guarantee the safety of goods, people and the environment.
Airport Design, Consulting and Engineering
Artelia is an international, multi-disciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and environment.
Runway Lighting, Visual Aids, Power supply
AUGIER manufactures a range of transformers with ratings between 1 kVA and 250 kVA to International Standards.
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