Augier Energy - OCEM Airfield

Augier Energy Manufactures a range of transformers with ratings between 1 kVA and 250 kVA. OCEM Airfield is a leading player in the field of Airfield Ground Lighting.

Runway Lighting, Visual Aids, Power supply

Augier Energy - OCEM Airfield


AUGIER manufactures a range of transformers with ratings between 1 kVA and 250 kVA to International Standards.
The company designs and manufactures medium voltage distribution equipment, airport equipment and offers cost saving in all outdoor lighting solutions.
The company designs, develops and produces in France its Medium Voltage (< 7.2 kV) underground distribution networks comprising distribution transformers, switchgears, PTS step-up and step-down mini-substations and TED - TER transformers. The medium-voltage networks can deliver electricity locally at low voltage via medium-voltage/low-voltage transformers throughout the airport. The modular design of these networks caters easily for future expansion.
Transport voltage can be from 950 V all the way up to 6,600 V depending on the application. Medium voltage is a good technical solution for remote locations where energy supply is not locally available or not in a cost effective way and is especially ideal for airports where distance between power networks may be an issue.


OCEM Airfield supplies Airfield Ground Lighting solutions to the world’s leading airports.

Together with Augier Energy and US based MULTI ELECTRIC, OCEM Airfield is one of the leading airfield Ground Lighting suppliers with over 100 years of experience. The company is partner to well over 1,500 airports on all continents with a clear focus to make the airfield safer, more efficient and more sustainable with its advanced airfield ground lighting solutions. Its solutions cover the full airfield with airfield ground lighting solutions; lights, power and control systems and this often supplied in a turnkey model supported by its full service offering. OCEM has been at the forefront of the latest developments in airfield ground lighting with the most efficient LED lighting solutions around.



Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

All inset and elevated lights for the approach, run- and taxiway areas and the apron in LED or halogen creating the highest degree of efficiency, reliability and sustainability thanks to OCEM’s leading edge innovations adopted by more and more airports. Whatever the category airport, OCEM Airfield has the right airfield ground lighting solutions to support any airport operation. With well over 1500 airports amongst our customers we have one of the widest customer bases on a global level.

Airfield Ground Lighting Constant Current Regulators (CCRs)

The DIAM 4100 CCRs complies with FAA standards and has adjustable brightness levels, earth fault monitoring, faulty lamp indication, serial connection & Ethernet port with computers. The DIAM 4100 is a CCR specifically intended for power supply of series circuits dedicated to airfield lighting systems; Both the DIAM 4100 & 3100 CCRs comply to ICAO, FAA, L828 and L839, CENELEC and French STAC standards.

Airfield Ground Lighting Control Systems (ALCMS and ILCMS)

We offer the full solutions to control your full airfield ground lighting set up, from individual lighting control and monitoring to the overriding airfield ground lighting control system. We make sure to develop the right solution so that the airport can be in full control of all its airfield ground lighting set up and can follow up in real time on the performance of all airfield ground lighting.

Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) Services

All airfield ground lighting solutions whether or not from OCEM Airfield can be maintained using OCEM Airfield Services portfolio. From remote maintenance using Augmented Reality glasses to allow for fast and real time problem solving to all training services and the project management of every turnkey project, OCEM Airfield can help with the right adapted solution in function of the specific needs of any airport.

Heliport Lighting

The expertise of OCEM ‘s Airfield Lighting brought to any heliport set up, whatever the requirement and whatever the need, let us help you with your heliport requirement.

Low Voltage controllers (Dimmers)

Compacto is an electronic dimmer using IGBT transistors with a power rating range from 3 kVA (one phase) to 144 kVA (three phase). The equipment is designed to optimize energy and maintenance costs on low voltage lighting networks. The energy savings on HPS and IM lamps is about 30-45 per cent in function of the way of use. Applications include apron or parking areas where lighting cannot be shut down.


Our References

Both AUGIER and OCEM Airfield can submit an impressive list of airport references from the largest airports worldwide in terms of commercial and cargo traffic, and from all key military bases to the smallest airfields and heliports. Our solutions are in service at over 1500 airports in more than 100 countries.

Our References include

  • Berlin Brandenburg with all LED inset runway- and taxiway lights
  • Cairo International Airport: a turnkey project where all lighting and power solutions from our companies were implemented.
  • Greenland, NUUK, a new greenfield airport with a full airfield ground lighting solution
  • Guangzhou Airport(China): the supply of 133 CCRs
  • Perpignan Airport (France) with CCRs controlled by Ethernet network besides key references for Paris Charles De Gaulle, Nice, Rennes, Dijon & Toulouse Airport to name but a few French references.
  • Sydney Airport with the supply of 60 CCRs