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DEGREANE HORIZON signs a 10 year contract with THALES

The aeronautical maintenance division within the French Ministry of Defense (DMAé) has awarded THALES a ten-year contract to provide through-life support for the main components (sensors, radars, operations centres, communication and information systems) of the SCCOA system.

The SCCOA system is the national aerospace surveillance system. It ensures the surveillance and the control of airspace as well as the coordination of the ground-to-air defense, the preparation and the conduct of the air operations on both the national territory and overseas.

Under the scope of the SCCOA system support programme named VASSCO (VerticAlisation du Soutien du SCCOA), DEGREANE HORIZON signs a 10 year contract with THALES and will do the maintenance of the meteorological systems located on the army bases both in the national territory and overseas

Degreane Horizon

Degreane Horizon is among the world leaders for measurement and engineering in the field of meteorology: runway visual range measurement, airport weather observing systems (AWOS), wind profiling radars. DEGREANE HORIZON came about by the transformation of the Electronics Department of Ets...



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