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Setec and Enia win the extension in Guadeloupe airport

The consortium of these companies

  • Enia architectes,
  • BM architecture,
  • 1PAX, Setec international,
  • Setec Bâtiment,
  • Guez Caraïbes,
  • Acoustique et Conseil

has just won a competition for the extension of the international terminal of Guadeloupe airport.

Setec International

SETEC with over 2000 empoyees and annual revenues of €230 million is one of France's largest engineering firm. SETEC wholly owned by its directors and principal engineers, setec is completely independent. The group’s subsidiaries specialize in virtually every engineering...



ENIA Architectes was founded in 2003. It is managed by three managing partners from pluridisciplinary backgrounds, Mathieu Chazelle, Simon Pallubicki, Brice Piechaczyk. It employs about 40 employees.