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The French Defence procurement has officially notified Thales and CS Group to develop PARADE drone counter measures system

Thales & CS Group

Thales and, CS GROUP are working with their partners in France and Europe’s defence industrial and technological base on are developing the PARADE programme capability to provide permanent deployable protection for critical infrastructure from drone threats. The programme follows an open competition contract was awarded after a European competitive tendering process launched by the DGA in 2021 to strengthen the drone countermeasures (counter-UAV) capabilities of the French armed forces.

  • A consortium led by Thales and CS GROUP has been notified by the French defence procurement agency (DGA) to develop and deliver the PARADE1 drone countermeasures programme capability, with firm commitments for €33 million out of a total programme budget of €350 million over 11 years.
  • The modular, multi-mission PARADE system will detect, classify and safely neutralise micro- and mini-drones either to protect sensitive sites on a temporary basis or as part of overseas deployments abroad.
  • The PARADE system will be able to reinforce the security of the public and the infrastructures during large gatherings.

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