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Covid 19 - FRACS assist the National Civil Aviation Authorities

France Aviation Civile Service just published a document to assist the National Civil Aviation Authorities in the resumption of activities by recalling the regulatory references that may have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

This document consists of guides for the NAA to enable it to fulfil its role as regulator and safety supervisor prior to the resumption of activities. It also includes checklists to assist airport managers in conducting the controls that are their responsibility. 

With the COVID 19 crisis, many airlines, maintenance organizations; training organizations had to stop or adapt their activities. The National Civil Aviation Authorities (NAA) had also to postpone the majority of their oversight activities planned as part of their surveillance process, especially on-site audits, and inspections. As a consequence, to go back to normal operations, organizations and NAA will have to set up a recovery plan in order to ensure the safety of the operations and to catch up with deadlines that fell during this period.

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