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Smiths Detection : Airport check-in eased as Kigali International Airport introduces vehicle scanner

Improving Security and Operations

The HCVL is proving its worth by improving security, end-user experience and operational efficiency at Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport where a system was recently installed. 

Recently reported in the Rwanda’s New Times, before the HCVL's installation the required all people entering the airport to remove baggage from their vehicles to be sniffed by dogs before they can proceeding. The HCVL, which is capable of screening both vehicles and their contents, has done away with this extra step by simply requiring people drive through the system.

One frequent passenger to the airport is already seeing the benefits:
“About two weeks ago I traveled and it was a hustle because we had cameras and lots of luggage and we had to take them out for K9 [dogs] to sniff,”Ndirangu said.
He added that, with the new system, “It must quicker because most people are either late or worried about being late. This will definitely ease the security check process and of course being an international airport and a smart airport at that, it wasn’t ideal that some things are done manually.”

The airport is considered to be one of Africa’s best, and the HCVL will only help to improve people’s experience there