Aircraft Handling and Maintenance



APU OFF solutions manufacturer: 400Hz, 28VDC, PCA, ASU

ASU Air Start Unit
CF15 PCA fixed Airport
GF15 Combo 400Hz  PCA combo unit
GF15 Combo 400hz PCA PCA Mobile
GF15 PCA ACU Mobile
GF50 ACU ACU PCA Air Conditioning Unit - Pre COnditioned Air
Guinault EGA Battery powered GPU eGPU eGPU eGPU
NICE-SA90 PBB converter convertisseurs
SA90 Converter convertisseurs 400Hz

For more than 60 years, GUINAULT has maintained its leading position in supply of solutions to substitute APUs on the ground:

  • aircraft air pre conditioning systems,
  • 400Hz and 28VDC ground power,
  • combo solutions,
  • air start units.

Present in 125 countries, GUINAULT contributes to the energy and digital transition by reducing the aircraft carbon footprint on the ramp. The manufacturer innovates and develops connected solutions adapted to its users and responding to current environmental challenges. The equipment is exclusively designed and manufactured in France in Orléans, on a 40,000 m2 production site. Bringing together all the players in the value chain on a single production site is a key to GUINAULT’s performance, flexibility and premium quality products.

APU OFF” is the company's strategic vision: the French manufacturer also develops electric and battery-powered solutions allowing any international and regional airports to turn off APUs on the ramp, while generating income and optimizing infrastructure costs.

  • Airbus
  • Aéroports de Paris
  • Fraport
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • Singapore Airlines
  • French army
  • Dassault