Manufactures a range of transformers with ratings between 1 kVA and 250 kVA to International (IEC) and British Standards (BS)

Runway Lighting, Visual Aids, Power supply



AUGIER S.A.S. manufactures a range of transformers with ratings between 1 kVA and 250 kVA to International (IEC) and British Standards (BS).

AUGIER is a member of the ARETE Group, Italy. Augier has an annual turnover of EUR 9-10 millions with 85 employees.

Sales are divided between medium voltage distribution equipment (60 per cent), airport equipment (20 per cent), cost saving in outdoor lighting (10 per cent) and other activities (10 per cent).

AUGIER manufactures a range of transformers with ratings between 1 kVA and 250 kVA to International (IEC) and British Standards (BS). The company designs and produces Medium Voltage (< 7.2 kV) underground distribution networks comprising distribution transformers, switchgears, PTS step-up and step-down mini-substations and TED - TER transformers. The medium-voltage networks can deliver electricity locally at low voltage via medium-voltage/low-voltage transformers throughout the airport. The modular design of these networks caters for future expansion.
Transport voltage can be from 950 V up to 6,600 V depending on the application. Medium voltage is a good technical solution for remote locations where energy supply is not locally available, especially well suited to airports where distance may be an issue.

AUGIER also develops and produces a range of electronic Voltage Controllers for cost saving in outdoor lighting and Constant Current Regulators for AGL power supply.


Low Voltage controllers (Dimmers)

Compacto is an electronic dimmer using IGBT transistors with a power rating range from 3 kVA (one phase) to 144 kVA (three phase). The equipment is designed to optimise energy and maintenance costs on low voltage lighting networks. The energy savings on HPS and IM lamps is about 30-45 per cent in function of the way of use. Applications include apron or parking areas where lighting cannot be shut down.

Constant Current Regulators (CCRs)

The DIAM 4100 CCRs comply with FAA standards and has adjustable brightness levels, earth fault monitoring, faulty lamp indication, serial connection & Ethernet port with computers.
The DIAM 4100 is a CCR specifically intended for power supply of series circuits dedicated to airfield lighting systems. It has been designed with a digital feedback loop, controlling the current through thyristors and operating according to the phase control principle. Each DIAM 4100 CCR is a self-contained cubicle cabinet with hosting eye rings and rollers divided into three mains parts: electronic control, low-voltage and high-voltage output. Local control is performed by a keyboard with RMC, OFF and local brilliancy steps. The standard remote control is performed via a RS485 serie communication port (J-BUS) or an optional conventional parallel wiring (24 V DC or 48 V DC), with an optional internal power supply. A further option allows the remote control to be performed by means of a double serial bus or Ethernet networks.
The DIAM 4100 single phase CCR architecture is built around an electronic board using a powerful DSP processor, associated with an internal CAN which links different parts of the equipment. Its control interface supports all series networks, as well as a universal multi-wires interface. Automatic calibration avoids analogical adjustments, and software tools are available to carry out fast parameter settings without removing any parts. Emergency messages are clearly displayed, along with the current state of the CCR, and input and output electrical measurements, through a simple HMI.
The DIAM 3100 single phase CCR uses the same components as the DIAM 4100 but with a power limitation at 6.5 kVA, the output voltage is inside the Low Voltage range and this equipment is very compact. 3 cabinets of DIAM 3100 could be stacked one on each other.
Both the DIAM 4100 & 3100 CCRs comply to ICAO, FAA, L828 and L839, CENELEC and French STAC standards.

Integrated circuit selector ICS-C4100

These selectors may control up to five circuits from one DIAM 4100 CCR. Circuits can be alternate or simultaneous. Typical applications include: alternate supply of PAPI and approach systems, or supply to taxiway lighting according to a selected route. Circuit selector and CCR are one integral unit, and security interlocks are managed by the CCR microprocessor. The status of each circuit and warning messages are clearly displayed on the CCR display.

Airfield lighting serie transformers

These comprise the TSE plug-in transformer; the red Marklights, portable units for worksite; and the TSC-Saturated version. All models conform to FAA L832 requirements. The epoxy resin units are resistant to kerosene, oil, immersion and termite attack. The transformers are suitable for hostile and tropical environments.

Transformer for Navaid power supply

The TSA transformer is designed for navigational aids power supplies. Capable of being buried or immersed, the unit provides 1 kVA to 10 kVA, operating at 950 Vac. Some transformers more powerfull and designed for networks 3,200 Vac are also available.

MarkLight® LED marker light

Augier's MarkLight blue light is an elevated beacon light which meets all the requirements for taxiway and parking edge lighting. The four-in-one product, housed in a single LED light marker, includes the following:
• Transformer light (connected to the AGL primary circuit
• Auto-reflective marker
• Elevated LED light (connected to the AGL isolating transformer secondary circuit)
• Portable work area marker light (on a metallic brace)
This light has a simple design and low power consumption (<10 VA). It cannot be disassembled, it is watertight and robust, and is ICAO, FAA and IEC compliant.


AUGIER airport electricity distribution and airfield ground lighting equipment are in service in over 300 airports, in more than 40 countries worldwide. Projects include Guangzhou Airport, China: the supply of 133 CCRs and 28 switches; Perpignan airport with CCRs controlled by Ethernet network since 2006 and Sydney airport since 2008; the supply of 60 CCRs to Barcelona Airport, Spain, as part of a package to upgrade the two Cat I runways to Cat II/III status; CCRs to seven airports in Morocco; the supply of diode panels for airfield signs to four airports in Italy; DHMI, Turkey: the supply of 100 CCRs for three airports; the supply of airfield lighting systems at Jakarta International Airport, Indonesia and several Malaysian airports.

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