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Launch of the new paris-orly 2035 development project

Parie Orly 2035

Decarbonisation, quality of service and regional integration


  • The Paris-Orly development project for 2035 is the precursor to the new airport development model led by Groupe ADP.
  • It is part of the 2025 Pioneers roadmap to set out a new airport model in which airports become hubs for mobility and clean energy solutions, and are propelled into the future through denser existing infrastructures.
  • The plan is for Paris-Orly 2035 to be a trailblazer and a regional accelerator, with fewer cars coming to the airport, greater comfort for passengers and employees, more low-carbon energy produced at the airport and no increase in the number of aircraft movements.
  • The project will be presented as part of a voluntary public consultation, starting on 26 February and running for three months.


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