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Smart Vigie Airport – information sharing made easy


After a successful proof of concept at Pau-Pyrénées airport in 2022 and 2023, this innovation, jointly developed with start-up Ubiplace, is now being implemented at Ostende and Antwerp airports in Belgium, in which Egis is a shareholder and operator. Smartvigie Airport simplifies and digitalises airport processes. Through a dedicated application available on smartphones and tablets, the solution centralises the reporting and sharing of all observations made by airport staff on breakdowns, damage or anomalies inside the airport. These observations are automatically assigned to the relevant airport teams to ensure they are taken into consideration and effectively resolved as quickly as possible. The standardisation of the process and the resulting responsiveness will help improve service quality and support smooth operations for all customers and airport stakeholders.


  • Smartvigie Airport enables all-digital management of the procedures and documents that support regular control of installations and equipment (checklists, patrol reports, scheduled visits, etc)
  • The flexibility of the product makes it possible to change the settings and adapt to the specific requirements of an airport in no time at all

  • Smartvigie Airport is primarily intended for use by the operator's staff but can also be used by the entire airport community (handling companies, shops, service providers, etc.), therefore helping to improve efficiency of information sharing and reporting.


 "The trial at Pau Pyrenees Airport has quickly led to the conclusion that the Smartvigie Airport solution is relevant and efficient for our operations. It also helped to mobilise and bring together our airport teams as part of our continuous service quality improvement process’’.


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