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Efficient Airports@Proavia - Our member Easier - IER


EASIER was awarded through a competitive RFP process an ongoing contract to deploy and maintain biometric e-gates connected to the TVS verification system of the CBP, the US border agency, to verify the identity of travelers on outgoing international flights via facial recognition in response to a congressional mandate.

EASIER deployed over 125 Skylane e-Gates throughout the Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B). Passengers can board in 1-step, without having to show boarding pass or passport, with response given in less than 2 seconds. EASIER software connects to the airlines’ Departure Control Systems via the common use platform. Over 50 airlines currently use the biometric technology, making LAX the largest deployment of biometric e-gates in the US.


  • Improved passenger experience, contactless by design
  • Faster boarding time – A380s board in 20 minutes
  • Improved safety with positive passenger match
  • Integrated and tested with most of the world’s leading airlines
  • Compliant with US Customs

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From check-in to boarding, IER designs solutions to help airlines, airports and ground handlers face air transportation challenges today. Passenger CUSS Check-in and boarding. IER, a French based company, has been a leading player in the area of check-in and boarding of passengers in the air...