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Belgocontrol has awarded Egis

Belgocontrol, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) for Belgium, has awarded an Egis consortium a multi-lot framework contract to support its strategic, operational and technical transformation over the next three years.

Belgocontrol selected Egis because of their wide range of skills, including the recognised expertise of its aviation business unit in consultancy (Helios), engineering and design (Egis Avia) and building services (Egis Bâtiments). The consortium also includes IT support from ATOS and The Digital Journey.

The goal of Belgocontrol through this collaboration is to achieve a wholescale upgrade of its ATM, CNS and MET infrastructure through all stages of the system lifecycle. This includes support to the development of the long-term infrastructure strategy, system definition, procurement and implementation. The consortium will also provide support for the development of new operational concepts, procedures, safety aspects and wider strategic advice, for example on airport operational aspects such as capacity improvements and remote towers.

Innovative services

The wide-reaching transformation programme will support the realisation of Belgocontrol’s long-term vision and mission in air traffic management at the heart of European airspace, including to deliver better value and increasingly innovative services for those using Belgian airspace and airports.

Projects supporting the development of a new strategies for surveillance, cybersecurity and remote towers are already underway, ensuring Belgocontrol’s continued resilience in the face of new challenges from, for example, drones and windfarms.


With over 13,000 employees and a turnover of $1bn, Egis is an international group providing consultancy, engineering, project structuring and operations support across many sectors, including: transport, urban development, building, industry, water, environment and energy.  Egis is 75%...