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Alfyma Airport

Automatic Tray Return System (TRS)  /  Speeding passenger flow

Alfyma's latest innovation is its automated Security Checkpoints system. They can supply a complete Tray Return System (TRS), including a re-check area for handling faulty trays.

This system permits automated management of self-service trays at various preparation stations along the processing stream, according to airport requirements and to the space available. Passengers are offered several trays at each preparation post, limiting the number of actions of required of passengers and thereby speeding passenger flows.

Many automated lines are already in use or soon to be installed in various airports (Nantes, Toulouse, Lisbonne, Bâle-Mulhouse, Paris Airports...).


Since 40 years, Alfyma proposes a unique offer in conception, manufacture, installation, adjustment and maintenance of baggage handling systems for airport sector. Supplier of airports, including Paris, since ten years, Alfyma designs, builds and maintains all kind of airport conveyor system.