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Skyguide has selected Innov’ATM’s SkyKeeper Suite®

Skyguide has selected Innov’ATM’s SkyKeeper Suite® to validate the concept of runway optimisation on single and multiple runway airports based on a coupled AMAN/DMAN which will be tested in the frame of SESAR 2020 project

SESAR 2020 project "PJ02 EARTH" proposes several solutions for future RWY throughput optimisation. Skyguide is mandated to define the operational concept
(OSED), the Safety Performance Requirements (SPR) and the Interoperability Requirements (INTEROP) for the solution 08. Solution 08 focuses on RWY
optimisation on single and multiple RWY airports using a coupled AMAN/DMAN.

Skyguide is also responsible for the validation of this concept in an environment of mixed mode operations single RWY (Geneva Airport) by means of real time

Skyguide and its subsidiary SkySoft-ATM participate in this multinational project led by Eurocontrol providing the operational and technical expertise and the simulation
platform respectively.

In order to achieve this project, Innov’ATM will provide the SkyKeeper Suite®software to be integrated to the skyguide/SkySoft-ATM simulation platform.
This 18-month project will enable Innov’ATM to deploy its integrated software solution, SkyKeeper Suite®which implements the coupled AMAN/DMAN concept, to optimise air traffic management within the context of the skyguide/SkySoft-ATM simulation platform, providing significant operational improvements by optimising management of arrivals and departures, and increasing the capacity of the airport efficiently.

Montserrat Mendoza, responsible of skyguide activities in the project, said: “Single RWY in mixed mode is recognized to be the most constrained environment for the
coupled AMAN/DMAN. Therefore, the validation of this concept in the operational environment of Geneva (high density and complexity) is a very challenging task that
we will face with enthusiasm.

We are looking forward to the collaboration with Innov'ATM to deal with this complex topic”.

Stéphane Bascobert, Chairman of Innov’ATM said: “It’s an honour to be part of such an exciting project with the first coupled AMAN/DMAN solution deployed in the
complex environment of an international airport such as Geneva Airport.”

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under grant agreement No 731781