Gorgy Timing

Design, manufacturing of secured master clock systems and digital signage & displays

Airport Information Technology (IT)

Gorgy Timing


GORGY TIMING designs, produces and sells timing devices : master clocks, LED digital clocks, analogue handle clocks dedicated for airports, ATC datation and synchronization, avionics embedded GPS time base.

GORGY TIMING is a SME founded in 1974. The company designs, produces and sells timing devices. Our know-how and skills for clock system is recognized in many sectors as airports, energy plants, LRT and MRT transportation.
The time synchronisation in the airspace is vital and crucial in the connecting process of the different communications installed on site (ATC, Terminal, annex buildings…).
In the context of absolute security, the time concept is important and we trust on a reliable and exact time information on the different transmissions, communications equipments and the Ethernet network.

GORGY TIMING is nowadays one of the few manufacturers in the world able to offer a complete and global Timing solution.

To meet present day requirements for precision of 10-12 in synchronisation of wireless network and telecommunications transporting networks (SDH, SONET, UMTS-3G, WIMAX….),

GORGY TIMING has made a bilateral partnership with the Swiss company OSCILLOQUARTZ SA (SWATCH group). This synergy should enable us to provide turnkey solutions for the synchronisation of all telecommunications for the transport.


Our precise time base synchronised on GPS are installed in more than 500 international airports over the world. For more than 30 years our timing solutions are proposed in the airport transportation field for :

  • Datation and synchronization in the ATC
  • Time information & synchronisation in the Passenger terminal
  • Timing and frequency synchronisation in the Power station at the airport
  • Avionics Embedded GPS time base, the heart of the datation systems on board.
  • Transmission of the time information and frequency synchronization on the SONET/SDH/ATM network in the LRT/MRT airport-city connection.


Timing stations and time servers

These precision time bases are the heart of the time and frequency distribution to send out a reference to the clock and communications equipment.

Timing messages are transmitted on cable lineto guarantee the same time throughout the buildings. The compact rack design of the RT4000 Hotplug time centre can assemble all a user’s technical requirements in just one rack.

Radio Timing terminals, inputs synchronization, power supply and outputs are all redundant to ensure a complete security of the timing installation and perfect synchronisation of the Ethernet network. The LEDI NETWORK NTP Time server updates devices connected to the Ethernet network.

Slave clocks

With a large range of digital and analogue clocks, GORGY TIMING offers an attractive design and traditional way of displaying the exact time in different locations.
The calendar digital clocks are available in different languages. With the upgraded LEDI digital clock range, the user will be able to choose the colour LED simply by programming; the HANDI analogue clock range varying in diameter 300mm to 6000mm.

  • Airports : more than 600 international airportsand ATCs over the world.
  • Australia : Air Services, upgradation of ATC system.
  • South Africa : Civil Aviation Authority, upgradation of 10 ATCs.
  • ASECNA : 30 ATCs in Africa.
  • UAE : (Dubai, Abu Dhabi ATC).
  • Middel East : Jordan (Queen Alia Intl Airport ATC). Qatar (Doha Airport ATC & Terminal). Egypt (Cairo,Assiut, Hurghada Intl Airport Terminal).
  • Asia : Hong Kong New ATC complex, Vietnam (Noi Bai, Danang ATC), Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Turkmenistan.
  • Portugal : ATC and Management Support Systems (NAV).
  • Railway : Delhi metro Phase 3, Taipei Taoyuan Airport MRT.
  • Oil & Gas : Shell FLNG Phase 1...