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Airport Information Technology (IT)

ALE International


ALE International make everything connect with digital age networking, communications and cloud solutions. The solutions are tailored to our customers’ industries providing built-in security and limited environmental impact.
ALE International offer flexible business models: in the Cloud, on premises, and hybrid. Over 100 years of innovation has made ALE a trusted adviser to more than 830,000 customers around the world.


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) provides the air transport sector with the technological building blocks to connect all transport subsystems. ALE provides solutions for WiFi networks, industrial LAN networks for the IoT (Internet of Things), voice and video communications subsystems, as well as secure cloud solutions. ALE brings the technology necessary for digital transformation, from the control center to the baggage system, thus facilitating the operational processes of air transport (Airport Operations Data Base). Our innovative technologies accelerate interactions between people and business processes.

  • GRU AIRPORT - SAO PAULO International Airport