designs and manufactures state of the art equipment to improve safety at and around airports.

Fuel and Hydrant Systems



SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS designs and manufactures state of the art equipment to improve safety at and around airports. SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS  is a world leader of airport refueling, ground and on board fuel circulation equipment, arresting systems and recently added obstacle mapping.

Relying on decades of experience and taking advantage of our R&D, manufacturing and tests facilities, we are proud to offer our customers products totally fulfilling their requirements in terms of quality, reliability and durability.


Ground refueling equipment

SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS under its brand name Zenith Aviation©, was established at the beginning of the last century as a designer & manufacturer for automotive and aeronautical carburetors. We now offer a full range of solutions for airport refueling application, would it be on ground or airborne, civilian or military.

Through our brand of dry connections and pressure regulation systems, SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS is the European leading partner for aircraft refueling equipment. Our product range is the result of several decades of experience associated with SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS know-how as leading fuel circulation equipment and systems manufacturer for all types of aircraft.

Relying on more than 70 international airports references, SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS is proud to offer our customers products fully compliant with API standard 1584 4th edition.


Arresting systems

SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS has been providing air forces around the globe with cable and nets arresting systems for decades. Therefore, it is towards the world leader that the FAA turned when it came to develop arresting beds for civilian airports. As of 2015, over 100 beds are installed around the world and the company recognized as the reference on the matter. Recently, we enlarged our offer to obstacle mapping to answer the latest ICAO chapter 15 requirements.

For about 8 decades, several generations of military pilots have learnt to rely on SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS for safe arrestments. Moreover, 9 aircraft (of size ranging from Citation to B747), several hundreds of passengers have been arrested safely in emergency situation and several hundreds of millions euro saved. No injury was reported, all aircraft went back into operations and airports have learnt to count runway downtime in hours rather than days after an overrun.

  • 150 civil airports
  • French Ministry of Defense and foreign armed forces