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Long distance perimeter security Elevated Body Temperature Detection in crowds


HGH Infrared Systems


Since 1982, HGH has been designing, developing, assembling and selling electro-optical systems for industrial, civil, defense and security applications. The company has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, thanks to the development of multiple advanced sensors. HGH technologies are deployed in many international airports around the world.

SPYNEL-M for perimeter security
Mobile Deployment KIT : CYCLOPE Interface
mIRcury : how it works
mIRcury Panoramic Strip

Airport perimeter security day and night:

Detection of threats coming from the air and land, intrusion detection, tracking and identification with the SPYNEL panoramic camera and its CYCLOPE software.

  • Miles of fences protected
  • Operational in harsh weather conditions: rain, wind, snow, ice, heat
  • Detection of low flying aircrafts and UAV
  • Detection of wildlife

Protection of outdoor critical areas delimited by virtual lines

Tarmac, terminal area, runway, parking, hangar...

Lutte contre la transmission du Covid-19 et autres virus

Our mIRcury panoramic camera has been designed to measure the skin surface temperature of multiple people in airport terminals, in order to perform a quick and efficient first temperature check without affecting the flow of passengers.
When an abnormal temperature is detected on the skin surface, the person is isolated and a second check is performed using a medical device to confirm the presence of fever.

  • Multiple and multidirectional screening of individuals with elevated body temperature, moving or immobile, regardless of their posture.
  • Reduce long queues
  • Improve the traveller experience
  • Reduce the workforce
  • Contactless
  • Lima Airport in Peru (Jorge Chávez)
  • Martinique Airport (Fort-de-France/Aimé Césaire)
  • Hulhule Airport in the Maldives (Male)
  • Buenos Aires Airport in Argentina (Ezeiza)