CS Systèmes d'Information

Designer, integrator, operator of innovative mission-critical systems for ATC, area protection, communications and cybersecurity

ATM, Navaids, Radars, Telecommunications

CS Systèmes d'Information


CS Communication & Systems designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains:

- Counter UAV systems to answer the need to ptrotect sensitive sites such as airports against malicious small drones.

- Voice Communications Systems (VCS), Voice recorder and ATC IP gateways for civil and military Air Traffic Control centres.

- ATC training simulators (approach, 3D tower).

- Cybersecurity solutions (hardened OS, trust solutions, SOC...)

CS expertise in mission-critical applications and systems makes it the partner of choice in sectors with strong growth potential, notably, defense, space & security, aeronautic, energy and industry areas in France as well as international.

CS is active across the entire value chain for its customers, enabling them to profit from its differentiation strategy, which leverages the company’s three main strengths.

1) Its capacity to act as prime contractor for large, complex, high-stakes projects,
2) Its aptitude for blending the benefits of different skills,
3) Its innovative, expressive will to succeed in strategic projects.

Today, customers count on CS, which is acknowledged by its largest accounts for expertise, commitment and the service sense of its co-workers.

ATC Training Simulator
Counter UAV Console
Voice Communication System, Tower CWP

Counter UAV System

BOREADES  is CS’ integrated system able to detect, identify, track and neutralize rogue drones as well as localize remote pilots. It has been designed to protect critical assets such as airports against small drones. This system perfectly answers to the current airports security needs. BOREADES standard configuration includes a radar (3D or 2D), an optronic sensor for day/night video identification & tracking, and a jamming turret, all integrated with a real time command and control system built by CS. The choice of sensors and effectors can be determined with each customer to answer their specific needs.

Voice Communication System

CSoIP (Communication & Security over IP), is a full IP Voice Communication System (VCS) product that efficiently caters for current and future needs of civil and military Air Traffic Control facilities. CSoIP is an innovative product fully compliant with the ED-137B EUROCAE standard. Designed around a secure and redundant IP-based architecture, CSoIP is an integrated product which offers highly reliable ATC communication means in radio, telephone and intercom. 

CS range of solutions include a voice recorder and and voice gateways (compliant with EUROCAE ED-137B) already in operation in NATO airbases VCS

ATC Simulator

CS simulator addresses the needs of approach and tower ATC training ; it comprises a flexible simulation engine and scenario exercise creation, an intuitive pseudo-pilot function and a powerful 3D engine (video game quality) that allow to train the trainees with immersive 3D environment.


CS solutions and products are implemented on a hardened OS (SEDUCS), which is an asset to prevent from cyberattacks. CS also benefit from the support of its Cybersucirity BU experts, for consultancy, the range of cyber products and Security Supervision (SOC).


Airbases and sensitive sites (France)

Delivery of the Counter UAV Systems (on going deployment, classified locations)

Paris-CDG Airport (France)

Design, supply and installation of the Voice Communication System (SERENITE VCS) backup system of the international airport Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

Paris Orly (France)

On going design of the future ATC training simulator (CS Co-contractor of SYSAT programme)

Regional airports (France)

Design and supply of the main VCS systems (CLEOPATRE programme) for 25 French regional airports located in metropolitan France and oversea territories. The backup VCS system is also supplied along with the main equipment for some of the 25 sites.

En-route VCS (France)

Design and supply of the backup VCS systems for the 5 French En-Route (ACC) centres as part as the FABEC programme. The main VCS system and the backup VCS will accommodate the requirements issued by EUROCONTROL against the backdrop of the establishment of the Single European Sky (SES).

Main Approach VCS (France)

Design and supply of the backup VCS systems (CATIA programme) for the 14 French main Approach (APP/TWR) centres.

Skyguide (Switzerland)

Supply of an emergency radio system and last resort system in Geneva and Dübendorf's Air Control Centres. The system is operated by Skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider for Approach and En-Route operations.

NATO ACCS (Europe)

Deployment of Voice Communication System for NATO forces allowing management of operational communications. CSoIP deployement is on going in more than 18 NATO sites across more than 10 countries.

CLA 2000 (France)

Refurbishing of the totality of the military air force bases of the French Army. On going deployment of 18 military airports and other Air forces facilities representing at least 27 ATC sites equipped with CS’s Voice Communication Systems.