ICAO Seminar on Green Airports


ICAO Seminar on Green Airports

Date de l'événement: 
Wednesday, 8 May, 2019 to Thursday, 9 May, 2019
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Building upon the success of the first ICAO Seminar on Green Airports​, held in November 2017, this second ICAO Seminar on Green Airports will provide an update on the progress achieved thus far, and address new and emerging issues in the field of airport management and environmental best practices. 

The Seminar topics will reflect the diverse range of activities involved in the management of a "Green Airport", including climate change adaptation, renewable energy, community engagement and sustainability reporting. In addition, circular economy and the financing of environmental projects and mitigation measures will be explored, with emphasis on the perspective from South American (SAM) regional stakeholders.  

An exhibit will supplement the Seminar agenda and showcase the breadth of existing and emerging technologies, and the latest research and development activities within the airport sector, presenting an ideal setting for networking and greater insight into the Seminar topics.