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ADB SAFEGATE completes acquisition of Ultra Airport Systems (AS)

ADB SAFEGATE has agreed to acquire Ultra Airport Systems (AS), the UK headquartered global provider of airport IT systems and data analytics solutions. The transaction will expand ADB SAFEGATE’s expertise and accelerate its transformation into a Total Airport Management (TAM) solution provider.
With air traffic doubling every 15 years*, ADB SAFEGATE provides support to airports to use existing infrastructure more efficiently through adding essential capacity and focusing operations on the passenger experience. A key pillar is advanced analytics which applies artificial intelligence technologies to an airport’s existing data, as well as new data from enhanced airfield, gate and tower systems. By introducing greater integration and automation of systems across the airport, developing smarter solutions with added data gathering capabilities, and creating advanced analytics capabilities, ADB SAFEGATE is well placed to help airports continuously improve their efficiency.
With this acquisition, ADB SAFEGATE will incorporate and further develop Ultra AS’s wide range of solutions covering many airport and airline processes relating to operational performance, flight information displays, billing, baggage management and situational awareness. This will align with ADB SAFEGATE’s current services and capabilities, creating a solid foundation for a powerful, advanced analytics customer proposition.

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