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ALTYS Technologies SAS


Datalink Solutions

The use of digital communications technologies has become an essential aspect of optimizing air traffic management and increasing airspace capacity. We ensure the top performance of current datalink avionics and ground systems, and we help to prepare the air traffic management system for the installation of future technologies.

Airport Solutions

Airports are seeing an increased demand for traffic, creating problems such as delays and bottlenecks both on the surface and in the skies. Our solutions help optimize the use of existing resources through real-time visibility over aircraft and vehicle movements. Our powerful analytics engines provide reports and recommendations for more efficient airport use.


ALTYS is actively involved in research projects both in Europe and internationally, and we are proud to invest 20% of our annual revenue into R&D. We have played a key role in a number of R&D projects as part of global air traffic management modernization initiatives such as SESAR Joint Undertaking.