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Architecture and Engineering Company designing and developing airports throughout the world.

Dream, Design… Build

French Architecture and EngineeringADPI is a French Architecture and Engineering company operating worldwide on complex development and construction projects (airports, stadiums, buildings, opera houses…).

Its range of architectural and engineering services includes consultancy, planning, prime contractorship and project management. ADPI was formed in 2000 as a subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris. Its Executive Chairman is Patrice Hardel and its CEO is Alain Le Pajolec.

ADPI's architects and engineers design and develop airports and large infrastructure projects throughout the world. Backed by Aéroports de Paris' 50 years of experience, the architects and engineers of ADPI have demonstrated their talent for innovation in a series of landmark projects including Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport, the final assembly line factory complexes for the Airbus A380 at Toulouse and the A400M at Seville, the passenger terminal extension at Bogota Airport or the French Embassy in Tokyo.
To share their dreams and their enthusiasm for ambitious projects with their clients, to transform these dreams into realworld success through rigorous design and execution, to be devoted all the while to high aesthetic standards, an economy of means and a durability of construction: this is the passion that inspires the architects and engineers of ADPI.

King abdulaziz international airport Jeddah, Saudi Arabia   ©ADPI

ADPI, a team of architects and engineers affiliated with the Aéroports de Paris Group

ADPI manages, designs and supervises airport projects all over the world. ADPI also applies its know-how to private and public sector facilities and infrastructure projects outside of the airport sector.

ADPI has been ISO 9001 certified since February 2003. It draws on its 250 person staff of project directors, architects, engineers and technicians, on the 450 person in-house design and engineering department of the Aéroports de Paris Group, and on the knowhow of the 9000 employees dedicated to the management of its airports that welcomed more than 80 million passengers in 2006.

ADPI offers a complete range of services related to airport architecture and engineering including traffic forecast studies and site selection, works supervision, the elaboration of strategic development plans, the preparation of master plans, complete design studies for airport infrastructure and building facilities (terminals, control towers, maintenance hangars...).

ADPI also carries out specific studies for airport systems such as air navigation equipment and information and baggage handling systems.

ADPI applies its know-how to the increasingly complex problematic of flow management and also through its capacity to have architects and engineers work in symbiosis to tackle diverse architectural and technical challenges for noteworthy projects.

Dubai International Airport, Dubai, UAE ©ADPI - D. Boy de la Tour

Planning and urban project

- Saudi Arabia, Jeddah King Abdullah Economic City
- Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz international Airport, Urban planning
- China, Sanya Sanya Belleville Complex
- Russia, Cheboksary New city

Real estate

- Japan, Tokyo French embassy
- Japan, Tokyo European Delegation “Europa House”
- China, Guangzhou Guangzhou Financial Bureau Tower
- UAE, Dubai Tiara United Towers

Cultural and sports venues

- China, Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts
- China, Shanghai Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre
- UAE, Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Complex Stadium

Air Traffic Control Towers

- UAE, Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi international Airport
- Vietnam, Hanoi Noi Bai international Airport
- Egypt, Cairo international Airport
- Saudi Arabia, Jeddah King Abdulaziz international Airport
- Qatar, Doha New Doha international airport
- Libya, Tripoli Tripoli international airport

Cargo, maintenance and logistics

- Spain, Seville Airbus A400M Final assembly line
- Qatar, Doha Qatar Airways maintenance centre
- USA, Alabama Final Assembly line for Airbus KC-45-A, master plan
- Belgium, Bierset Bierset Military Base

Airport Master plans

- France, Paris Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Orly international airports
- Libya, Tripoli Tripoli interNational Airport
- Saudi Arabia, Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport

Airport Terminal

- Bogota, Colombia El Dorado intenational airport
- Dublin, Irland Dublín International airport
- Almaty, Kazakhstan Almaty International airport
- Doha, Qatar New Doha International Airport, Emiri Pavilion
- UAE, Dubai International Airport Extension of Terminal 2, Terminal 3 module 2&3
- Saudi Arabia, Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport
- Mauritus, Plaisance SSR International Airport

Airport Project management

- Oman, Muscat and Salalah Internationals Airports
- Oman Sultanat Secondary Oman Airports
- Mexico Technical Assistance for 13 Airports

French embassy, Japan, Tokyo © DR - ADPI

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